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Posted on: April 28, 2016



May be grievance, come to subdue my heart

Come again, even if to leave and break heart

Though having no sociability been before, yet

As societal courtesy, for the people, do come,

How do I share all, the reason of our parting?

You’ve woe with me; but for people, do come

 Many hopes from you has hitherto my heart

Yet, to extinguish this very last hope, do come


Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhany k liye aa

aa phir e mjhy chor k jany k liye aa

pehly se marasim na sahi phir b kabi to

rasm-o-rahy dunya hi nibhany k liye aa

kis kis ko bataen ge judai ka sabab hum

tu mujh se khafa hai to zamany k liye aa

ab tak dil-e-khush fehem ko tujh se hain umeeden

ye aakhri shammen b bujhany k liye aa

Ahmed faraz


What an air, what sort of folk, how they respond
They call the wound, a flower and gale to hot wind
What a despair that walking at slow pace for them
Now call us names as blistered feet wanderers
What would you say if  long time missing adored
When happens to meet by chance astonishingly
That’s my way of affirming your betrayal; A style
A flair of loveliness, charm and thy alluring style
As long as thou are distant, let me worship thee
The one who remains untouched is goddess for me
Faraz! It’s surprising that we, always the ambitious,

Are condemned for being ruthless by UN-ambitious

 zakhm ko phul to sar sar ko saba kahte hain
jane kya daur hai kya log hain kya kahte hain

kya qayamat hai ke jin ke liye ruk ruk ke chale
ab vahi log hamain abalapa kahte hain

koi batalao ke ik umr ka bichara mahabub
ittefaqan kahin mil jaye to kya kahte hain

ye bhi andaz-e-sukhan hai ke jafa ko teri
gamza-o-ishva-o-andaz-o-ada kahte hain

jab talak dur hai tu teri parastish kar lain
ham jise chu na sakain us ko khuda kahte hain

kya tajjub hai ke ham ahl-e-tamanna ko ‘Faraz’
wo jo maharum-e-tamanna hain bura kahte hain




Someone’s putting an end to murky life

Come, someone’s passing away of his life

Angel of death! Wait for some moments

Beloved’s coming so as to fulfill her vow

The style she’s sitting beside the lover’s body

As if she’s pampering it; to, breathe again

Her beautiful hand’s warmly touching body

May bring back to heart, to breathe life again
Gham e Hayat Ka Jhagra Mita Raha Hai Koi
Chalay Aao K Duniya Se Ja Raha Hai KoiKoi Azal Se Keh Do K Ruk Jaye Do Ghari

Suna Hai Aanay Ka Wada Nibha Raha Hai Koi

Woh Is Naaz Se Baithay Hain Lash K Paas
Jaisay Roothay Huway Ko Mana Raha Hai Koi

Palat Kar Na Aa Jaye Phir Sans Nabzon Mein
Itnay Haseen Hathon Se Maiyat Saja Raha Hai Koi




My heart broke like a dazzling mirror

 Breaks, as if fallen on a hard boulder

As tears falling from eyelashes away

As a piercing arrow breaks; in my heart

As an appealing delicate bough of desire

Breaks all of a sudden in full blossom

Like a sequence of a romantic dream

Tangles at the time of realizing the dream

Like the earth slither under feet away

As hazards befall from above the sky

The branch I had the reliance on its solidity

 Nests built on it were all collapsed away

As an insensible comes back to senses

As a lost utopian comes back to senses

 Now being shattered into pieces I think

Who sensed the suffering I went through?

My going through, of grief, is just worthless

 Hum jo toote to is tarah toote
jaise hathon se girr k pathar par
koi shafaaf aaiina toote
jaise palkon se toot tha aansoo
jaise seene main ik kamaan toote
jaise umeed ki nazuk daali
barg mosam main na gahaan toote
jaise aankhon main khwab ki doori
waqt e takmeel se ulajh jaye
jaise pairon tale zameen nikle
jaise sar par yeh asmaan toote
jaise ik shaakh pe bharosa kia
is pe jitne thay aashiyaan toote
jaise wehshat se hosh aa jaye
jaise ta dair main dheyaan toote
ab jo raiza howay to sochte hain
kis nay dekha tha tootna apna
hum jo toote to raayegaan toote


Violent winds though widespread in the air

The lamp is yet restoring its flame in the air;

It’s either meeting or getting ruined in love

I have thus sheltered moments of my grief;

There’s ecstasy and love all around, in the air

Who’s flying her lively apparel in the air?

The enjoyable days not assured to prolong

As it’s never temperance at least in love;

A flower has blossomed in budding spring

As if you’ve placed thy cheek on the palm;

May it be our friends, beloved or divinity!

All make false promises to us, the innocent;

 Loveland is said to be so charismatic Faraz

Who started this malice of meet and detach;

Ahmad Faraz

Agarche zor hawaaon ne daal rakha hai,
Magar charaagh ne lau ko sambhaal rakha hai,

Mohabton main to milna hai ya ujad jaana,
Mizaaj-e-ishq main kab etidaal rakha hai,

Bhale dinon ka bharosa hi kya rahen na rahe,
So maine rishta-e-gham ko bahaal rakha hai,

Bhari bahaar main ik shaakh pr khilaa hai gulaab,
Ke jaise tu ne hatheli pe gaal rakha hai,

Faraz ishq ki duniya to khuubsurat thi,
Yeh kis ne fitna e hijr o visaal rakha hai.

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