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1. Honey is sweeter than table sugar. Fact.
Honey is sweeter than table sugar, so you use less of it. Honey Nutrition Facts

2. Honey is best taken when mixed in hot water. Myth.
Avoid adding piping hot water to honey, as this would not only reduce the aroma and flavour of the honey, but also destroy the natural enzymes present in it. Honey Storage Tips

3. Honey should not be scooped using a metal spoon. Myth.
Honey is acidic, but scooping it with a metal spoon is such a quick action that corrosion of the metal is unlikely.

4. Honey never spoils, even when it’s stored opened. Myth.
Honey absorbs moisture from the air when left opened, and this leads to fermentation.

5. Honey comes in the liquid, cream, and powder form. Myth.
Honey comes in the liquid and cream form, but not in the powder form. Who Says Cactus Honey Powder is Honey!

6. Honey’s quality is not affected by crystallization.
Crystallization does not affect the quality and nutritional value of honey. Fact

7. Honey is a healthier choice than artificial sugar. Fact.

Artificial sugars can cause more harm than you know.

8. Honey contains no cholesterol. Fact.
Honey is free of cholesterol.

9. Honey contains a tiny amount of fat. Myth.
Honey is fat-free.

10. Honey helps burn fats when we sleep. Fact.
According to the Hibernation Diet , honey is the best fuel for burning fats while we sleep.

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