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متعلقہ تصویر

Never let love;  be a remembrance ever

You are unaware

That if you let it be;

Branches of trees cuddle  you

For a moment it seems as if  

the friction between them seems,

if life ends and fatality triumphs over;

  Sighs of love, wraps round stillness

for a while—-

Demise of that moment

elongated  to several eons


Before the venom be in your veins

Don’t let love a remembrance

let love, never;  be a remembrance ever



I saw

Silently standing was the evening,

 Love holding angst, moved forward

Swiftly, night in black, eclipsed them;

 Reciting nostalgic elegy of lamenting,

The gentle wind sighed of grief.

What happened then——–

 Love and evening both

died in night’s veil

or, lost in the valley of dreams

What do I know!

شام اور محبت

 میں نے دیکھا

 شام ہونٹوں پہ انگلی رکھے

 خاموش کھڑی تھی

 محبت درد کی انگلی تھامے،اس کی جانب بڑھی

 اچانک رات،سیاہ لبادہ اوڑھے

 ماتمی گیت گاتی

 ان کے بیچ آ ن کھڑی ہوئی

 ہوا گٹھی گٹھی سسکیوں کی صورت چلنے لگی

 اس کے بعد کیا ہوا

 شام اور محبت دونوں

 رات کی قبر میں دفن ہوئیں

 یا سرمیء خوابوں کی

 دھندلی وادی میں کھو گئیں

 مجھےکیا معلوم ؟

Najma Mansoor

I had waited so long for him.
How thrilled and impatient I was that day when his arrival was announced. 
He was coming to bring delight to my heart. 
The prince of my dreams had some problem in landing
I along with other family members waited impatiently.
He came—– he suddenly glanced at me—— and so did I—–
OMG! He was so handsome. 
Whenever he looked at he, he smiled and I felt my heartbeat miss
Though there was quite a big difference in our age but as it is said, love is blind—- so our love blossomed stronger with every passing day
He gave me more smiles than any worldly gifts. His smile and twinkle in his eyes when he saw me was more precious than any treasure of the world
He never gave any gift on my birthdays like other friends and relatives did, except for his charismatic smile. 
He promised that one day he will give me a gift that’s going to surprise everyone
Days passed and years passed——–
Finally he presented me his gift on my 70th birthday yesterday
After eating when all gathered to open their gifts he bowed down and asked me for my hand——-What a divine moment it was—–
He gave me a ring——–
A ring has no end so is our love ———
Love you Hammad for all your love and care 

My grandson Hammad heaps of hugs and best of my blessings

“darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”

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Since the day

I gave him my eyes

my hands

and my thoughts as ransom,

He’s found nowhere;

Thence I now neither can see

nor think

nor put in writing;

It is said;

He has given them

to the one

He had given his self in

in ransom

 ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ،،،،،تاوان ،،،،،،

 میں نے اپنی آنکھیں

 اپنے ہاتھ اور اپنی سوچیں

جس دن سے اس کے پاس

 گروی رکھی ہیں

 اس دن سے وہ لا پتہ ہے

 اب میں اپنی مرضی سے نہ دیکھ سکتی ہوں

 نہ سوچ سکتی ہوں ، نہ لکھ سکتی ہوں

 اور اب سنا ہے

 اس نے انہیں تاوان میں دے دیا ہے

 اس شخص کو

 جس کے پاس اس

 نے اپنا آپ گروی رکھا تھا ۔۔۔۔۔۔

Image result for images of  walking alone on sizzling sand


The half  heartedly living beings

and the slackly existing beings,

only deserve to serve the cemetery;

Not  love!

True Love is to walk barefooted

on blazing sand

the whole life, till the last breath

with fondness and loyalty


 ،،،،،،عشق ،،،،،،

 آدھی سانسوں کے ساتھ

 آدھی زندگی جینے والے لوگ

 مقبروں میں مجاوری تو کر سکتے ہیں

 عشق نہیں

 عشق کی آگ تاپنے کے لئے تو

 پوری سانسوں کے ساتھ زندگی بھر ریگ زاروں میں ننگے پاؤں چلنا پڑتا ہے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

Image result for images of tearful eyes


Reason or no reason, the eyes weep

Just within my being these eyes sleep;

Either the eyes shed tears or they sleep

They derive aching in my whole being

My heart that turned  barren and dull

It was eyes that implanted love in heart

To consent to vim and vigor get moving

We’ve let my eyes to keep lightening

 Where ever I possibly be; My beloved!

My eyes are looking for you, beloved

My eyes rest and sleep with you only

So do my eyes wake up with you only

There’s no radiance than your gleam

Amber your eyes shine akin to gems


بات بے بات روتی ہیں آنکھیں

میرے اندر ہی سوتی ہیں آنکھیں

روتی ہیں یا کہ سوتی ہیں آنکھیں

درد مجھ میں پروتی ہیں آنکھیں

میرا دل ہوگیا تھا جو بنجر

پیار اس میں بوتی ہیں آنکھیں

زندگی کا پہیہ چل جاۓ

گاڑی میں ہم نے جوتی ہیں آنکھیں

میں کہیں بھی رہوں میری جانم

راہ تیری میں ہوتی ہیں آنکھیں

جاگتی ہیں ترے ہی سنگ آنکھیں

اور سنگ تیرے سوتی ہیں آنکھیں

تجھ سا روشن نہیں کوئ دیپک

تیری امبرؔ تو موتی ہیں آنکھیں

مجید امبرؔ


Image result for images of pen writing

I will write

took hold of pen

slashed fingers

split my tongue

but I would yet,

keep saying about  your deeds and manners

as the pen is to write and reveal

and my tongue is my pen!


یں لکھوں گا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔

 قلم چھینا

 انگلیاں کاٹیں

 زباں کو بھی قلم کردیا

 میں پھر بھی

 تمہاری کرم فرمائیوں کا ذکر کرتا رہوں گا

 لکھوں گا

 کہ قلم کا کام لکھنا ہے


 میری زباں قلم ہے

 از: مجید امبرؔ


Taqwa is not only about manners. Taqwa is not about looking Islamic…

Taqwa is not about sporting a beard or wearing a hijab…

Taqwa is about appearance


Taqwa is when I miss a prayer, and feel uneasy the whole day..

Taqwa is when I speak a lie I feel bad

Taqwa is the guilt that follows when me hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly.

Taqwa is the shame and regret that follows a sin I committed knowing full well how it stands in the sight of Allah

Taqwa is when I cannot sleep after disobeying or disrespecting my parents.

Taqwa is to cry in the depths of night fear in none but the one above the Heavens

Taqwa is the fear that refrains us from sinning when nobody familiar is around

Taqwa is the guts and the will to please Allah, even when the whole is hell bent on displeasing Him

Taqwa is to wear the beard/ hijab for the sole reason of pleasing our Creator and to keep it on as per sunnah

Taqwa is to stay happy and smiling knowing that this world is a prison for believers

Taqwa is the good manners and character we practice for the sake of Allah

Taqwa is the struggle for better ourselves according to Islam, with each passing day

Taqwa is not just rising in deen, but about falling, falling, rising again and never lettingo


“The word Socrates and the word Jesus

Are my creation, I’m their creation”

These are initial, eternal, and dwellings

They’re  the eras

They pass all through in brain waves

from one  soul to another soul

They’re the realness of epoch, and sham too

Symbol of anguish, and  the remedy too

Regardless of color, caste, faith and belief

They’re  supreme of lords and lands

They flow in veins  like blood

and present  on each lingo

They’re sham they’re pretense,

they’re war they’re peace;

All these are their constraints

Without them life is apprehensive

Every action is motionless

incapable to speak , unable to hear

Each mirror  mutely amazed on its reflections

fretfulness  is the sight

allowing to witness but deprive to utter

Loveliness worthless so is love futile

All emotions, islands of wisdom, and gentle winds

are but, mirage and illusions, clout and doubt

These words are tool that give shape to ideas

Ideas when released from hand and pen

then the words converse

They’re are artistes, they’re the painters, musicians

poets, they’re the voice. they’re the prophets

they’re the sovereign—-

they’re creators-

they wish to me upraise my wisdom

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