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Utter Hastiness!

Perception of the universe

I’m aware of,

Images surface on the time tides

fatality is their destiny;

There’s no today and day after

The span of life is simply an instant

Countless metaphors rise to scatter

The loneliness of this symbol of infinity

Not only emergence to remain

Utter hastiness  wins through here

each day the photo change in the tavern

spirit doesn’t even breathe life’s sip

The death angel wipes out life’s sip

What an eerie hastiness, every instant

gulp down the other instant

Dust and water blended  to shape things

If the creation is to perish their, destiny

O, The Creator!

Don’t you loathe to see

 Your creation perish into dust!

The dance saga
I was;
crucified in gala nights of the east
was celebrated in bars of the west
was sold out in the name of dignity
paid my pride in the name of dignity;
In the marketplace, I’m of no rate now
neither get any share if yet sold now
I’m like an object of ardent need
Keep to use when the beloved need
Shape of my body sketched and drawn
My dream version is linkage of dreams
Put up for sale from one buyer to other
Fostering in trash pool of waste garbage
My death loop of dance saga spinning
Sans budding, sans desires, gloom spinning

Poet: Tasnim Abdi

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