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Neither in lovely features nor in silky hair

Posted on: February 26, 2018

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Neither in lovely features nor in silky hair

 See my acumen, talent in visionary blare

 Have seen people clothed in lively apparels

See the soul’s acumen, in words’ apparel

There’re countless topics to inscribe on

Their beauty can be seen in poetry shown

Neither I am complete nor am imperfect

 Being a human, may be judged as human

 I have stepped on the visionary way also

Where and what do I lack, let me know

Whatever qualities are allied to humans

Don’t judge thy value; am also gifted human

 We never wished to be open as goods for sale

It’s you who brought us in the bazaar for sale

The Almighty has created us like you, also

See the beauty of creativity in His skill too …………


āñkhoñ meñ na zulfoñ meñ na ruḳhsār meñ dekheñ

 mujh ko mirī dānish mire afkār meñ dekheñ

 malbūs badan dekheñ haiñ rañgīn qabā meñ

ab pairahan-e-zāt ko iz.hār meñ dekheñ

 sau rañg mazāmīn haiñ jab likhne pe aa.uuñ

 gul-dasta-e-ma.anī mire ash.ār meñ dekheñ

 puurī na adhūrī huuñ na kam-tar huuñ na bartar

 insān huuñ insān ke me.aar meñ dekheñ

rakkhe haiñ qadam maiñ ne bhī tāroñ kī zamīñ par

 pīchhe huuñ kahāñ aap se raftār meñ dekheñ

mansūb haiñ insān se jitne bhī fazā.el

apne hī nahīñ mere bhī atvār meñ dekheñ

 kab chāhā ki sāmān-e-tijārat hameñ samjheñ

laa.e the hameñ aap hī bāzār meñ dekheñ

 us qādir-e-mutlaq ne banāyā hai hameñ bhī

 ta.amīr kī ḳhūbī usī me.amār meñ dekheñ


2 Responses to "Neither in lovely features nor in silky hair"

the title is classical, speaks by itself….amazing!!!

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Thank you Mihrank dear. your words give me strength . bright blessings to you ❤


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