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Old lady of Aleppo n Abdullah (the end )

Posted on: January 15, 2018

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It was another disappointment for them to find that Serbia was merely a dry ocean of land for the refugees. There was a hoard of refugees there. Serbian semi government forces tried to keep refugees away from the highway. Resistance meant to face tear gas whipping. Carrying the old lady on his back he ran back and forth to save and protect her from tear gas smoke. It seemed like dooms day. Bodies of wounded or dead refugeeswere scattered in fields. This looked like a horrible setting or a dreadful dream. A group of refugees somehow reached the railway track. The others also followed them and treaded along the railway track. Abdul Wahidwas holding the old lady of Aleppo’s’ hand and kept walking with others. The old lady couldn’t walk anymore and finally she gave up. He looked at her laying unconscious on the ground.He was helpless. He didn’t know what to do. He watched refugees moving forward. Evening was swiftly drawing closer. He once again looked up at the heavens and prayed Almighty to have mercy on him. Feeling a little better, he carried the old lady on his back and kept moving forward.He walked until midnight and then his energy also gave in.  He laid the lady against an old tree and sat besides her. Being dead tired he fell asleep. Cooing of the nightingale and chirping twittering the birdsand rays of the early sun rays woke him. He looked around. He sighted wheat fields ready to be harvested. It was like gold spread everywhere. Delight and plight go side by side. He saw refugees covered with dust in muddy shattered clothes tired faces walking to land unknown. The way was barred by the Serbian police and semi government forces. Due to hunger ailments and staying day in heat and sleeping in the open under the sky, the children, weak and aged couldn’t resist the extreme weather changes hence death rate increased. The dead bodies were buried in pothole without any shroud, or grave  or tomb stone.  Abdul Wahid bought a wheel chair for $100 from a dying patient’s family for old lady. Though refuges were facing agonizing conditions of harsh weather and forces. More and more refugees came in like swarm of bees or herd of cattle. Suffering for two more days refugees were allowed to go following the muddy path beside the fields only and not touching the railway track or through the fields.

Abdul Wahid helped the old lady sit in the wheel chair, and proceeded with the refugee party. The two Syrian rebellious groups gave refugees more brutal and mercilesstreatmentthan the Syrian forces.Both groups fought with each other for no reason, just creating chaos and anarchy in the region. These shelter seekers who could have be enjoying and resting in their homes in comfortable beds and plenty of food,  were facing awful circumstances in snow clad mountainous region of Serbia. Beside the frightful weather they also faced the hatred and loathing of Serbian forces and semi government police. Days of heinous ended after all. They reached the border of Hungary. After formal registration and documentation at the refugeecheck post, Abdul Wahid followed others with lady of Aleppo in a wheel chair. Military teams of Hungary were on alert to keep refugees away from the urban areas. While coming to Hungary they were greeted with tear gas, shelling and whipping in one or more places on the way. Almost 12 days and night of walking and stopping over was one of the worst experiences of their life. They were drifters-having no land no sky no home no shelter—no one to take care either——- life was a misery!

Every limb was burning and aching, along with wounds on the body.  With beginning of snow fall and thunder storms the death rate of refugees rose to hundreds. Considering the helplessness, ailment and frailty, European Union especially the Germany Government asked Hungary government to arrange for the refugees. Thusa railway train was arranged by Hungarian Government to travel. Going in train was most pleasant journey not for Abdul Wahid and old lady of Aleppo only but for all the refugees. This beautiful journey ended at a rocky desolate stationaround 200 miles before Budapest, the capital of Hungary. After unloading the train they were asked to wait for the buses. There was no trace of any vehicle for two days. So the refugees started walking ahead. Their next destination was Germany. Abdul Wahid also accompanied thousands of refugees with his lady of Aleppo towards Germany. Pushing and pulling the wheel chair on rocky uneven track was tiresome job for Abdul Wahid but he had no other option. He was getting breathless by pushing the wheel chair on uneven track.

He remembered the song he used to sing with his friends when rowing the boat. It was rowing completion between two teams. Each team consisted of 11 participants five on each end of the boat with captain in the middle. The Rowing competition started from River Brahma Putra and ended at Dacca. The scenario of so many boats rowing was awe-inspiring. While rowing they used to sing cheerfully; “River is furious boat is old—-row, row your boat—- leisurely —– destination is afar, we have to make ardently!”

Thousands of spectators who were watching also excitedly joined them in singing.

Singing the same song he kept moving forward with old lady’s wheel chair.

He felt that while climbing the hill every child, young and old, man or woman joined him singing to make it less strenuous. His song his enthusiasm and also that he was not Abdullah (the old lady’s son) but was from Pakistan who was taking the old lady to her son in Germany.

The news spread among countless of refugees walking and covering miles of land.

The government of Hungary had set up a border check post in suburb of Keleti Railway station for the refugees. Besides Hungary other countries had also set up their NGOs offices there. Members of NGOs were trying their best to help and serve the refugees. Keleti railway station was the last stop over for the refugees. They would then move to any western European country where they would like to settle. Before Abdul Wahid’s group reached Keleti his tarnished information had spread that he was not Abdullah the son of old lady of Aleppo but he taking her to Germany to meet her son. Hence the moment they reached Keleti station he was separated from the group. The government staff dragged him to the extreme left side of the check post. Seeing he carried away so ruthlessly the old lady of Aleppo crying for Abdulla hysterically lost her senses fainting in her chair. He was also calling her—mother!O mother!But his voice silenced amidst the countless of refugees bustling sound. That very moment he heard air plane’s captain voice, announcing; “Ladies and gentlemen! We’re flying at the altitude of 30,000 feet and soon we’ll be landing in Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. I’m sure your trip with us was pleasurable. Thank you”

The captain then guided his crew regarding landing of the plane. As the plane landed on runway of Islamabad the immigration staff entered the plane. The captain and the immigration staff exchanged document with each other. The staff didn’t accept Abdul Wahid as a Pakistani national having no significant documents. Following Pakistani Immigration staff some Hungarian staff also got in the plane. Pakistani staff believed him to a Bengali national and has illegally entered Pakistan. If we accept him as Pakistani then we’ll have to give him his legal rights as a Pakistani citizen. After two hours long debate and reaching to the decision that he should not step down on Pakistani land. The crew was asked to close the doors with Abdul Wahid inside the plane. After few minutes the plane took off to the land unknown to Abdul Wahid.

The same air hostess came to him and holding a glass of water. She waited for quiet long to get his response but he kept looking out at the hovering clouds outside the window. She gently said to him; “I’ll take special care of you during this flight” with a blank face and slight smile he took the glass of water from her hands. She again asked him politely; “Can I ask you a question if you don’t mind?” he nodded.  The air hostess asked him; “Are you Abdullah or Abdul Wahid? And which country do you belong to?” After drinking wateragreeably he replied; “My name is Abdullah and Abdul Wahid both” he could see no queries but tears in her eyes of sympathy being a man of no land. He then softly said to her; “I belong to no land. I’m not a citizen or national of any country. I’m just a traveler of a lost caravan! The flight got misbalanced tumbling into air pocket. But within no time the plane got stabled. They could hear the captain; “Due to bad weather the plane was slightly out of balance. But this is something usual. There’s no danger so no worry” the airhostess went to her serving cabin. Abdul Wahid kept looking at the floating clouds outside the plane———

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