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contd ———-camp to ashes”

The management  understood his emotions and mental stress, and allowed the old lady of Aleppo to be treated kindheartedly on compassionate grounds.

He took care of her like his own mother. He would feed her like a baby. Dress her, comb her hair, set her bed and did whatever he could to comfort her. They both sat silent just looking at each other with tears flowing. One day the lady asked his name.“My name isAbdul Wahid” he said in Arabic accent. Taking his hand in hers she said; “You are Abdullah; my second son, Abdullah” she continued; “Early in 2015 my son Abdullah went from Turkey to Greece with Syrian refugees. From there managed to sailtoGermany. His name is Abdullah. My husband and I were supposed to go to Germany the same way he went. But one day there was heavy air raid and strafing. My husband was killed and I was left all alone. The building and the apartment we lived in devastated along with my valuables and money I had saved. Now I’m penniless.No husband, no money——- I can never see my only son Abdullah” she bitterly wept after saying all that she went through. Wiping her tears with her veil, Abdul Wahid assured her that he will take her to her son. He said; “Don’t weep please. I promise you, I’ll take you to your son. Just don’t worry about money. I have plenty of it.” After few days Abdul Wahid resigned from his job. And the next day the old lady of Aleppo and Abdul Wahid started for Germany with a group of refugees. The truck that was taking them was closed from all sides except for door with holes at the rear so that the people inside could breathe. The owner of the truck and its driver were Kurdish Turks. After many hours of non-stop driving, the truck stopped at a desolate place. The driver sternly asked the passengers to get down for eating or drinking or stretch.He said; “We’ll stay here for an hour then will proceed again” Thus after an hour or so he uploaded the passengers like luggage and started off for new destination. Continuously driving for two days he stopped at a place and howled like a wolf  telling passengers to get down. “Get down immediately. We have reached Turkey’s city Bodrum in province of Mugla. Hurry up—-hurryup—don’t waste my time” there are hundreds of refugees. Abdul Wahid could hear from afar the splashingsound of waves as Bodrum is a town on the southern Aegean coast of Turkey.After waiting for a few hours he saw an old boat on the sea shore. It might have been used  for fishing  beforeWithout knowing and without even considering the number of people it could carrypeople boarded it. He also boarded with others and old lady of Aleppo. Some people wore life jackets, and some had air tight motor bike tube around their necks to be able to swim in case of emergency. Finally the boat started its voyage.  No one in the boat had any idea as to where they are going and what’s in their destiny. Passing by many islands of Greece the boat came to a place where captivating melodious tweet, cooing;chirping of innumerous birds was heard. He woke up hearing those sounds so he tried to locate the place it came from but he could not see anythingbut water all around. Up above the grey sky, dull grey morning seemed to come together. The sounds of birds was the indication that they were near some shore. He saw his old lady who was there like a knapsack among passengers.

Abdul all of a sudden stood up and shouted; Allah o Akbar! Allah- o-Akbar! The ones sleeping awoke with his voice and also joined him saying Allah o Akbar!

Some energetic men jumped into the water while old, sick ladies and children waited for the boat bring to come to a halt at the shore properly so they could get down. The boatsman also announced; “Your destination, Europe is here!Macedonia is a few days from here if you walk, or you could to to anywhere in Europe”

Traveling for so many days nonstop in boat made limbs tired out so the people threw themselves on the shore. The NGOs had already made arrangement for food, shelter and medical assistance in camps for Syrian refugees.But the new refugees were to spend wintry night under the sky and day under the searing sun.He then along with others proceeded from there to unseen destination with his old lady of Aleppo. They walked as long as their feet could carry them. Then sat to rest their body and got up again to tread on for new horizon. They kept walking and stopping over when got tired and couldn’t walk any more. Getting along for a day and night they met an NGO that provided transport for the old, sick, women and children. The men had to go on foot from Macedonia to Serbia.He was given the token of Family #1 to show that he had one family member. Hence when he entered the border of Serbia he met the old lady of Aleppo.

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