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He was then transferred to Palmer, an ancient city of Syria in early 2015 just after few days of this upheaval. The war was a going on between the Syrian military forces and the same non-government religious group that took control of Mosul.  That religious force had control over many cities. The war ruined affluent cities and turned them into debris. Although Syria is the country where civilization nurtured and flourished. This is the country where only thousands of years back intervening conscience stepped into dell of metaphors.  They created statues of their imaginary idols and deities placing them on sand knoll and later set them on concrete pillars. Those were then taken to palaces and places of worship. Later they started worshipping those idols and laid base for a new religion.

But the cannon explosions deteriorated the concrete pillars, palaces and worshipping places that collapsed and scattered into sand particles.  He felt that advancement in civilization, industrial and financial  growth that was pride and fame of Syria was over.  He stood near a sand knoll in Palmer city to watch the ruins of grand palaces and worship places. The brutality and hatred had  set ablaze the infrastructure, and  destroyed the civilization.

It was his second day in Palmer. His responsibilities   were to lend a helping hand to the distressed by all means he could in war affected areas.

Most parts of Palmer were reduced to rubble when the non-government and religious forces took control of it.  The NGOs rendered services to the needy and at times ignored the natives.  The natives wanted preference over others, and started killing the workers. This made NGOs depart that place with their workers. He was then transferred to Aleppo, a city brutally  afflicted by war..  A deadly war was in process in Aleppo between militants and Syrian forces.

He job was to assist, help and rescue the people of Aleppo. Aleppo  has border with Turkey and it is more influenced by Europeans than the other Syrian cities. It also has more military  power than other Syrian cities. The conflict between militants and Syrian forces  had been going on for couple of years. A road passing through Aleppo was the border between the two armies. The eastern side of the road was ruled or run by militants while the western side was dominated by the Syrian force. Nonstop and continuous war between the two had not only ruined the homes, hospitals and other buildings into debris but made life miserable the humans living there. They had no water  or food, but were exposed to cannon explosions and bloodshed. The dead bodies that lay on the road side served as shield for the opponents. The body could be of a new born baby or an 80 year old man or woman.

It seemed as if there was no International or local law for those  who died or suffered inhumane  treatment. The firing and bombing from air planes made situation even worse. It was like

a devil’s shadow plagued the entire Syria with bad omen

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