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O, my wishful heart I can reach anything I desire

Posted on: November 25, 2017


O, my wishful heart I can reach anything I desire

Two steps I take; the destination itself will appear

My yearning heart, I proceed to her party though

Do aware me when the party is at its elevation so

0 divine being! I’m ready to go but do remember

Misguide me the time the destination is close to

You may remember me; you may as well call me

If you come across any obstacle in lane of love

Why seek for love’s look; let it be odium of love

My gloom’s yen! I wish agony gone agony come

I seek an advice about my heart’s wish from you

What should I do when I fall in love with you?

O holy light flash and flush; you guess me Moses

I’m not mount Siena to afire; no issue who comes

Let the cyclone come; ships boatsman will save it

Not likely for coast to float with waves to save it



ai jazba-e-dil gar maiñ chāhūñ har chiiz muqābil aa jaa.e

manzil ke liye do gaam chalūñ aur sāmne manzil aa jaa.e

ai dil kī ḳhalish chal yūñhī sahī chaltā to huuñ un kī mahfil meñ

us vaqt mujhe chauñkā denā jab rañg pe mahfil aa jaa.e

ai rahbar-e-kāmil chalne ko tayyār to huuñ par yaad rahe

us vaqt mujhe bhaTkā denā jab sāmne manzil aa jaa.e

haañ yaad mujhe tum kar lenā āvāz mujhe tum de lenā

is rāh-e-mohabbat meñ koī darpesh jo mushkil aa jaa.e

ab kyuuñ DhūñDūñ vo chashm-e-karam hone de sitam bālā-e-sitam

maiñ chāhtā huuñ ai jazba-e-ġham mushkil pas-e-mushkil aa jaa.e

is jazba-e-dil ke baare meñ ik mashvara tum se letā huuñ

us vaqt mujhe kyā lāzim hai jab tujh pe mirā dil aa jaa.e

ai barq-e-tajallī kauñdh zarā kyā tū ne mujh ko bhī muusā samjhā hai

maiñ tuur nahīñ jo jal jā.ūñ jo chāhe muqābil aa jaa.e

aatā hai jo tūfāñ aane do kashtī kā ḳhudā ḳhud hāfiz hai

mumkin to nahīñ in maujoñ meñ bahtā huā sāhil aa jaa.e


6 Responses to "O, my wishful heart I can reach anything I desire"

Wonderful Wish Tanveer

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Thank you dear Shiva—- bright blessings to you

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simply this is inspirational and stunning wish!!

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your kind words mean a treasure to me Mihrank 🙂 wishing you peace and health


you have a well deserved, respectful post and presentation. Bravo!!

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