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Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Posted on: November 24, 2017


1- aa.e to yuuñ ki jaise hamesha the mehrbān

bhūle to yuuñ ki goyā kabhī āshnā na the


1- She came  as if she’d been cordial forever

When overlooked; ignored as if she knew never


2–aur bhī dukh haiñ zamāne meñ mohabbat ke sivā

rāhateñ aur bhī haiñ vasl kī rāhat ke sivā


2–Besides allure are sorrows; that life provides
Comforts are more than love’s union provides


3- aur kyā dekhne ko baaqī hai

aap se dil lagā ke dekh liyā


3– What’s further more is left to see now

I’ve experienced being in love with you


4–dil nā-umiid to nahīñ nākām hī to hai

lambī hai ġham kī shaam magar shaam hī to hai


4–The heart is not hopeless, it’s just a failure

Though murky and long night; but only failure


5– donoñ jahān terī mohabbat meñ haar ke

vo jā rahā hai koī shab-e-ġham guzār ke


5– Lost all wealth and values in thy love

He’s giving way gloomy life in thy love


6– duniyā ne terī yaad se begāna kar diyā

tujh se bhī dil-fareb haiñ ġham rozgār ke


6–The world has made me forget you

Trials of life draw me more than you

7–guloñ meñ rañg bhare baad-e-nau-bahār chale

chale bhī aao ki gulshan kā kārobār chale


7– Spring breeze is filled with flowers’ fragrance

Come love; let garden carry on its business


8–ham parvarish-e-lauh-o-qalam karte raheñge

jo dil pe guzartī hai raqam karte raheñge


8 We’ll continue to nurture pen and paper

Whatever heart bears, we’ll write on paper


9–ik fursat-e-gunāh milī vo bhī chaar din

dekhe haiñ ham ne hausle parvardigār ke


9 Got a way to enjoy relation for few days

Deplore to see god’s patience to allow stay


10 kar rahā thā ġham-e-jahāñ kā hisāb

aaj tum yaad be-hisāb aa.e


10– While calculating tribulations during life

Remembered you today more than ever in life


11– maqām ‘faiz’ koī raah meñ jachā hī nahīñ

jo kū-e-yaar se nikle to sū-e-daar chale

11 No place fascinated Faiz on his way

Going away from his beloved’s home

12–na gul khile haiñ na un se mile na mai pī hai

ajiib rañg meñ ab ke bahār guzrī hai


12– Neither the flowers bloomed nor met beloved

What an out of the way, the spring is adhered


13– na jaane kis liye ummīd-vaar baiThā huuñ

ik aisī raah pe jo terī rahguzar bhī nahīñ


13–Why am I waiting as an optimistic runner?

On the way that doesn’t even go thy manor


14– tere qaul-o-qarār se pahle

apne kuchh aur bhī sahāre the

14– Before your promises and confessions

I had various friends and connections


15– tumhārī yaad ke jab zaḳhm bharne lagte haiñ

kisī bahāne tumheñ yaad karne lagte haiñ

15– When agony of thy memory start to sink

In some way I remember you and think


4 Responses to "Faiz Ahmed Faiz"

Waoo 😍 I love urdu shayarii! Thanks for sharing.

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thank you Rukhsar Khan ji

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your lines are incredible, meaningful and valuable!!

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