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The last old man

Posted on: November 14, 2017


grumpy old man.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

His eyes opened broadly like two big doors in a storm, and became still to see the old man standing erect like a tree outside the last home of the lane. With trembling legs and uneven breaths he walked to the old man saying; “I thought you had—–”

“See I’m alive and healthy, standing in front of you. How can I pass away when you are there” He laughed cheerfully. “I was living a happy life abroad for last 30 years but Karamat kept calling me. Now I’ve come back and will live here” having said that, the newcomer old man took his hands in his. The old man felt all his energy passes on to the newcomer’s body. His hands became lifeless. His eye balls moved uselessly and uneven breaths made him more like a puppet. A blow of weakness misbalanced him hence he held the railing of the gate. The son of the new comer supported him and asked him if he was okay. “Can you drop me home?” “Of course, why not uncle” the young man then supporting him helped him to sit on the front seat of his car and safely dropped him home. His family was shocked to see him. He who was on his heels and toes all the time was unable to stand on his feet. He couldn’t even walk to his room so was carried on a chair. The past 12 years of his old, bored colorless frigid life over shadowed him once again. He lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. It looked he had seen the last scene. That very day he breathed his last before dusk————

The end

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