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There were 42 houses adjacent to each other from one end to the other in that lane. Sixty years back these houses were inhibited by eighty young men. All of those young men perished like withered autumn leaves with swiftly passing  years, except for the last two old men. One lived in the eleventh house on the right side of the lane while the other lived in the same lane in sixteenth house.

The old man who lived in the sixteenth house was a retired military soldier who combated Nazis with British Army on Burmese border in the Second World War.  Being a soldier he was strong and sturdy. Hence having crossed his ninety years of life he was still living an active life. The other reason for his fine health and long life was his care free nature. He would rise early morning and sit on a carved stool in the rear garden. He was least interested in domestic chores. He liked to stay with nature most of the time and avoided to stay indoors. One day he had to go inside for no reason, but because he was called in—called in by none other but the angel of death.

After three days of struggle between life and death the soldier finally surrendered and breathed his last.  His soul flew off, with the angel of death on the highway to heavens.

Now out of those forty houses the old man of eleventh house still lived. His relatives didn’t break the news of his death to the other living old man. They feared he might quit breathing being so feeble as he couldn’t even change his position from one side to other.

One of his nephews who were his buddy too, broke the news of the old soldier’s demise to him. Before the sad news reached his ears, his daily schedule was like the antique clock that stopped working and its two arms stuck at one point. If he lay for long on one side he could roll his eye balls only to see the goings-on in the room, being so fragile, he  couldn’t move. He remained awake for weeks or drowsy for months. No matter what condition he was in, always asked about his other living old friends’ daily activities and schedule and if he was healthy or bedridden. When informed about his well being he would go back into  coma. His diet and medicines were of equal quantity. He ate very less. He had no ailment except for old age.

When he was told about the death of the soldier who was older than him, he breaking the shackles of age and   physical weakness emerged as a new powerful man from his cocoon.

 He moved the time run backwards.

to be continued

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