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I drown, if I draw away my look of water

Posted on: September 28, 2017


I drown, if I draw away my look of water

And dazed; when I look closely in water

The Moon has risen over the horizon,

My drowned body, you too come out of water

There’s no messenger to carry your message

Send your well being through a wave of water

It’s enough that knolls get soften in any case

A New passageway is formed through water

Unknown I may be flowing with waves like hay

Though I’m still protected; Zafar from water

Dūbtā huuñ jo haTātā huuñ nazar paanī se

aur taktā huuñ to chakrātā hai sar paanī se

chāñd bhī ab nikal aayā ufuq-e-āb ke paar

mere ġharqāb badan tū bhī ubhar paanī se

nāma-bar koī nahīñ hai to kisī lahr ke haath

bhej sāhil kī taraf apnī ḳhabar paanī se

ye bhī kyā kam hai ki Tiile to hue kuchh hamvār

bantī jaatī hai na.ī rāhguzar paanī se

nahīñ ma.alūm ki bah jā.ūñ maiñ kab ḳhas kī tarah

yuuñ to mahfūz abhī tak huuñ ‘zafar’ paanī se


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