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In praise of Muhammad ﷺ

Posted on: September 20, 2017


In praise of Muhammad ﷺ

Remain fed up of be asleep; my eyes

Desire to have a sight of him; my eyes

Bow down of revere at ﷺ door; eyes

How caring and sensible are my eyes

No one to deter amid devotee and deity

All barriers will be flattened by my eyes

Whatever I wish is clear through my eyes

How coherent and loving are my eyes

Mausoleum’s grills are core of my eyes

Moving around core is pilgrimage of eyes

Delight of to see the dome stay unsatisfied

How intoxicated yet awake are my eyes

Just hugged the grills of the Mausoleum

How delightful and ecstatic are my eyes

The one who never visited Mausoleum

How unlucky and deprived are those eyes

My lips remained silent in respect of ﷺ

My eyes though were all reverence, Anjum



3 Responses to "In praise of Muhammad ﷺ"

Great poem!
Peace and blessings be on prophet Mohammad !!

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Peace be upon Him, the Greatest of all the Prophets of Allah, a Habib of Allah, who did everything inspired by God. Truly, true love of Aap (saw) is by following his Teachings.

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