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Fresh water flowing here before me

Posted on: September 18, 2017


Like most of those in the Risalo, these poems are written in the short Sindhi verse form called bai. This is structured not only by the usual rhymes but also by alliteration, and something of the latter feature is suggested here.

Fresh water flowing here before me

Might River flow beyond ahead of me

Friends! You sit in comfort at home

With thy husband safe at thy home

You would not hold me back

If glimpsed at Sahar’s lovely face

You too would dive with thy pots

In water; To save Sahar’s lovely face


Crows rest crouching on the trees

The day is swiftly coming to ending

Hearing the evening call to pray

She goes to see scars on Sahar’s face

Place where her love, Sahar’s living

With her pot she dives into water

Having reliance and faith in God

There an alligator grabs her leg

Other Cayman clutches her head

Her bangles besmear with mud

Water current draggle her hair

Myriad plants cling to her firm

River monsters claw her limbs

Fishes shoal encircle her limbs

Sohni’s cut off from limb to limb


I’m happy my pitcher broke in pieces

I’m happy my bangles broke in to pieces

Honest are the ones who trust in God

The single strength to help out is God

My husband Dum is liar and dishonest

I love and hang on to Mehar in my heart


Her pot once falling broke into pieces

She felt herself to be perished

Then only Suhni heard Mahar’s call

Her depression all swiftly fall


Hit the road by yourself

Leave aside all support

Love will save you of current sway

Thy path will be out of danger

Rely on the vim and vigor

To safely get along your way


They look all over to find Mehar

Looking for them all, is also Mehar

A raft is of no use and just a gizmo

Against the driving force of love


Sahar is same and like Suhni

Sahar is like the sea

It’s a magical mystery

This is reflective mystery




I have loads of faults connected, dear

I’m just a daughter of fisherman dear

I’m well aware of my poverty and dearth

I’m like a fish; floating, as moving in hearth

I fear, you may not turn your back from me

You know very well who am I and about me

Where me and where‘s Queen palace! Dear

I dare not evaluate myself with her my dear

 Me a dust particle and she a glorious being

You’re precious gold, and I, a flawed being

4 Responses to "Fresh water flowing here before me"

Wow. Powerful.
We all are searching for the shore.

Liked by 1 person

Thank you so much Cindy dear. Yeah we all are in search of the shore 🙂


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