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I drown, if I draw away my look of water

And dazed; when I look closely in water

The Moon has risen over the horizon,

My drowned body, you too come out of water

There’s no messenger to carry your message

Send your well being through a wave of water

It’s enough that knolls get soften in any case

A New passageway is formed through water

Unknown I may be flowing with waves like hay

Though I’m still protected; Zafar from water

Dūbtā huuñ jo haTātā huuñ nazar paanī se

aur taktā huuñ to chakrātā hai sar paanī se

chāñd bhī ab nikal aayā ufuq-e-āb ke paar

mere ġharqāb badan tū bhī ubhar paanī se

nāma-bar koī nahīñ hai to kisī lahr ke haath

bhej sāhil kī taraf apnī ḳhabar paanī se

ye bhī kyā kam hai ki Tiile to hue kuchh hamvār

bantī jaatī hai na.ī rāhguzar paanī se

nahīñ ma.alūm ki bah jā.ūñ maiñ kab ḳhas kī tarah

yuuñ to mahfūz abhī tak huuñ ‘zafar’ paanī se



Never saw that alluring face again—–

Never saw that alluring face ever again

Gone; she never returned again

Who to share when reached destination

Journey ends, she isn’t here at destination

I’m that broken traveler of Love land

Getting home, unsure of return to homeland

The breeze carries tales of her fragrant hair

None else is blamed of secret of her hair

If asked of your promises and pledge

What is your excuse? Your message is a pledge

A promising dream’s that makes me twinkle again

This gleam isn’t due to night’s waking again

Look at my exhausted being and my passion

Refined manners to present self isn’t abrasion

What has Sahar gone through of so much endurance?

Been many days since he’s seen around

21766606_10154844281776932_2045496095461938457_n (1)


Bow down of revere at ﷺ door; eyes
How caring and sensible are my eyes
No one to deter amid devotee and deity
All barriers flattened by my eyes
Whatever I wish to see through my eyes
How coherent and loving are my eyes
Mausoleum’s grills are the core of my eyes
Moving around the KAABA is a pilgrimage of eyes
The delight of seeing the dome stay unsatisfied
How intoxicated yet awake are my eyes
Hugged the grills of the Mausoleum
How delightful and ecstatic are my eyes
The one who never visited Mausoleum
How unlucky and deprived are those eyes
My lips remained silent in respect of ﷺ
My eyes were all reverence, Anjum




Like most of those in the Risalo, these poems are written in the short Sindhi verse form called bai. This is structured not only by the usual rhymes but also by alliteration, and something of the latter feature is suggested here.

Freshwater flowing here before me
Might River flow beyond ahead of me
Friends! You sit in comfort at home
With thy husband safe at thy home
You would not hold me back
I glimpsed at Sahar’s lovely face
You too would dive with thy pots
In water; To save Sahar’s face
Crows rest crouching on the trees,
The day is swiftly coming to ending
Hearing the evening call to pray
She goes to see scars on Sahar’s face
Place where her love, Sahar’s living
With her pot, she dives into the water
Having reliance and faith in God
An alligator grabs her leg there
Another Cayman clutches her head
Her bangles besmear with mud
Water current dragged her hair
Myriad plants cling to her firm
River monsters claw her limbs
Fishes shoal encircle her limbs
Sohni’s cut off from the limbs
I’m happy my pitcher broke into pieces
I’m my bangles broke into pieces
Honest are the ones who trust in God
The single strength to help out is God
My husband Dum is a liar and dishonest
I love and hang on to Mehar in my heart
Her pot once broke into pieces,
She felt herself perish
Then only Suhni heard Mahar’s call
Her depression all swiftly fall
Hit the road by yourself
Leave aside all support
Love will save you of current sway
Thy path will be out of danger
Rely on the vim and vigor
To safely get along your way
They look all over to find Mehar
Looking for them all is also Mehar
A raft is of no use and just a gizmo
Against the driving force of love
Sahar is same and like Suhni
Sahar is like the sea
It’s a magical mystery
It is a reflective mystery

I have loads of faults connected, dear
I’m just a daughter of a fisherman dear
I’m well aware of my poverty and dearth
I’m like a fish; floating, as moving in a hearth
I fear you may not turn your back on me
You know very well who am I and about me
Where me and where‘s Queen palace! Dear
I dare not evaluate myself with her dear
Me a dust particle and she a glorious being
You’re precious gold, and I, a flawed being




I have loads of faults connected, dear
I’m just a daughter of a fisherman dear
I’m well aware of my poverty and dearth
I’m like a fish; floating, as moving in a hearth
I fear you may not turn your back on me
You know very well who am I and about me
Where me and where‘s Queen palace! Dear
I dare not evaluate myself with her dear
Me a dust particle and she a glorious being
You’re precious gold, and I, a flawed being


Living without my beloved is intolerable
Waiting and fervor to see her is irresistible
Parting of you makes me weep copiously
My heavy heart’s in infinite grief profusely
Depression’s at its peak, I’ shattered in grief
O! God, I beg You! To let meet love fondly
Do ever take a round here also sometime
To see how I’m feeling low without you
Nights spent sighing and days missing you
Punnu Khan decided to leave for Kaich
I appeal him not to go but he’s inflexible
Being so helpless, can’t decide what to do
I’m ready to be his slave and free my aide
Can’t’ breathe without thinking of him
Either I’ll go and meet him or will die
Wounds of broken heart can’t be seen
Either will search for him far and wide
Better to die; Farid I’ve failed to find
سوہنے یار باجھوں میڈی نہیں سردی
تانگھ آوے ودھدی سک آوے چڑھد
کیتا ہجر تیڈے میکوں زارو رارے
دل پارے پارے سر دھارو دھارے
مونجھ وادھو وادھے ڈکھ تارو تارے
رب میلے ماہی بیٹھی دھانہہ کر دی
سوہنا یار ماہی کڈیں پاوے پھیرا
شالا پا کے پھیرا پچھے حال میرا
دل درداں ماری ڈکھاں لایا دیرا
راتیں آہیں بھردی ڈینہاں سولاں سڑدی
پنوں خان میرے کیتی کیچ تیاری
میں منتاں کر دی تروڑی ویندا یاری
کئی نہیں چلدی کیا کیجئے کاری
سٹ باندی بردی تھیساں باندی بر دی
رو رو فریدا فریاد کر ساں
غم باجھ اس دے بیا ساہ نہ بھرساں
تھیسم میلا یا رُلدی مرساں
کہیں لا ڈکھائی دل چوٹ اندر دی


Steal  beloved’s glimpse through her veil

She lets her seen through strainer of her veil

āshiq ko dekhte haiñ dupaTTe ko taan kar

dete haiñ ham ko sharbat-e-dīdār chhān kar


Anis, it’s not easy making a cherished home

The ones having no guts make such a home

‘anīs’ āsāñ nahīñ ābād karnā ghar mohabbat kā

ye un kā kaam hai jo zindagī barbād karte haiñ


Anis, hold on! No surety of a single breath

Why go in front of strong wind and hearth

‘anīs’ dam kā bharosā nahīñ Thahar jaao

charāġh le ke kahāñ sāmne havā ke chale


Flowing tears of gloom can’t be controlled

Like rebellious kids! Parents fail to control

ashk-e-ġham diida-e-pur-nam se sambhāle na ga.e

ye vo bachche hai jo maañ baap se paale na ga.e


Give new meanings to bouquet of poetry

As each verse is myriad bouquet of poetry

gul-dasta-e-ma.ānī ko na.e Dhañg se bāñdhūñ

ik phuul kā mazmūñ ho to sau rañg se bāñdhūñ


Though I’m a meek beggar, I dislike beseeching

O the most Kind! Give me without me pleading

faqīr huuñ pa nahīñ aadat-e-savāl mujhe

karīm jo tujhe denā hai be-talab de de


Again I’m composing loads of new themes

Let know planter of harvest and my theme

lagā rahā huuñ mazāmīn-e-nau ke phir ambār

ḳhabar karo mere ḳhirman ke ḳhoshā-chīnoñ


As I was ignored all throughout my life

Thus I’m wrapped in shroud leaving life,

tamām umr jo kī ham se be-ruḳhī sab ne

kafan meñ ham bhī azīzoñ se muñh chhupā ke chale


Lovely belle! Chant me the same song

Singer who sang in the lanes; that song

O Belle! To grasp and get thy chanting

One slips in Heart River for swimming

I now realize the gloom in thy songs

I’ve sensed awful furtive in thy songs

Life and lit lamps passed away swiftly

Lovely belle! Sing me the same melody

My garden was famous for blossoms

Birds tweeted in my patio of blossoms

My trees stood firm in violent winds

Clouds poured rain; flew with winds

Lovely belle! Chant me the same song

I’ve seen the river reversion back now

I’ve seen leisurely melting of dew now

I’ve seen the brutality of fire worship

A rising flame changed to smoke to whip

Soothe my heart’s wound with my verve

  A life’s tiresome journey gives me verve

It’s last night; I’m a traveler, will go away

Lovely belle! Chant me the same song

Singer who sang in the lanes; that song

Suhail Ahmed






O night! Have you seen rising of moon

In the vales far and beyond the lagoons

How hidden issue unveil furtively at night

Who slowly descends in this vale at night

Who asked to confine fragrance——

Who can clasp fragrance touching my heart

There’re clouds, breeze and spring on the way

Caravans off to alter threshold, on the way

On the deserted pathways of city of murkiness

Silence of natural emotions in this gloominess

Enduring constantly with a feeling of loneliness

Every tip toe making restive in his remembrance

Darkness and stillness of city of night is like

A human being’s wandering in search of you

Parting away from one’s deity is simply like

A diminishing star searching for its deity 

Raat k shehr bata tu ne kabhi dekha hy

Chand charhty hoye jheelon se paray wadi mein

Kaisy khultay hn ye israar akaile shab k

Kon dheeraj se uter ata hy is basti mein

kon kehta hy k khushbo pe bithado pehray

Ye jo khushbo k dye jati hy dastak Dil per

Dayrahi hy ye khaber raah me hy aber e baahar

Qaflay phir chaly aye hn dar e maqtal per

Raat k sheher ki weeran guzar gahon per

Fitrat angaiz fizaaon mein khamoshi k ye pal

Sahay jaty hn fqat ek hi ehsas lye

Lamha lamha kisi ahat k guman mein bekal

Raat k shahar ki khamoshi udasi k talay

Ek bhatka howa insan tujhy dhondta hy

Apny ma’abud se bicher janay k gham mein aksr

Doobtay taray ki manind pochta hy …

Rohingya children have been beheaded and civilians burned alive, according to witness testimony amid claims that Burma’s military and paramilitary forces are committing “genocide” or a “pogrom” against the Muslim minority in the country’s western Rakhine state.


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