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I go with the flow of life as it does evoke

Posted on: August 21, 2017


I go with the flow of life as it does evoke

Blown off troubles and sorrow in smoke

To repent and be sadden on loss is futile

Celebrated what I had and whatever I lost

Accepted anything I got, the rest is all futile

Overlooked and ignored whatsoever I lost

Where joy and grief fuse, having no sway

I modified my mind-set to no grief; no joy



maiñ zindagī saath nibhātā chalā gayā

har fikr ko dhueñ meñ uḌātā chalā gayā

barbādiyoñ kā sog manānā fuzūl thā

barbādiyoñ kā jashn manātā chalā gayā

jo mil gayā usī ko muqaddar samajh liyā

jo kho gayā maiñ us ko bhulātā chalā gayā

ġham aur ḳhushī meñ farq na mahsūs ho jahāñ

maiñ dil ko us maqām pe laatā chalā gayā 

7 Responses to "I go with the flow of life as it does evoke"

aap ne Rafi Saab ka yeh gana yaad diya na. Awesomly written too, by the way, do you have one another blog too?

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Thank you Aquib dear. What do you mean by having another blog?
I didn’t get you:)


There is another person named Tanvir, ☺️☺️, it’s clear nevermind.

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my name and spellings are Tanveer Rauf 🙂
I’m a widow. Live in Karachi-Pakistan

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Asslamalikum. I am so sorry for anything hurtful i dont mean to… .
Btw it wasn’t you, but same name though , yeah( nevermind) !! Keep going and smiling, I am from India new Delhi. Nice to meet you.

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Aquib dear I didnt mind at all, why should i mind 🙂 my name sounds more that of a man’s. its not only you but mostly people take me as a man 🙂

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Oh, that’s cool, Tanveer.


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