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Give and Forgive

Posted on: August 13, 2017


Today I will share with you a true story———-

Allah created, beautified, and glorified this world with every possible thing like oceans, mountains, meadows, flora and fauna, rain, twilight, sun, stars, moon, moonlight animals, birds-you name and you have it—–for the human beings————for the US—

All these blessings are in Surah Rehman and many other verses of the Quran.

Allah is brilliance—- splendor—- and love

Allah loves peace

He sent us on this earth to be good, kind, and to make the world a beautiful and peaceful place to live and let live-—– to relish and cherish.

Allah gives and forgives. We have the same attributes as Almighty HE expects us also to give and forgive——–but it is Satan that misguides us, and the ones with weaker faith and will follow him. Thus, when we follow Satan, we get into trouble.

Don’t get upset!— I’m not giving you a lecture am just sharing the reason for our existence. To follow the right path and not to expect any reward for any act of kindness from anyone—- do well, forget and keep moving——-

The story I am going to share with you today is about our neighbors. The family consisted of a widow of an army officer, three sons, and two daughters. They shared the house with their brother and his family.

That army officer died in the line of duty, and hence the wife wanted compensation from the army.

The eldest mentally son is not stable. 

The other two were medical students. The sister stayed home helping her mother with household tasks.

The widow was uneducated but a contented and wise lady. She had no means or source of income. So she kept requesting the army to arrange something to raise her young children respectfully.

The army arranged for them a truck to start a business using it for goods transportation. Gradually it worked, and their financial position got better.

The lady then arranged the marriage of her eldest son, thinking it might make him feel more responsible.

All arrangements for the wedding. The guests were there. 

 Everything was just right. 

The groom was ready too. Happiness prevailed around. 

 At the time of nikah, the groom stood up from his seat and speedily went away. It was so sudden that nobody could understand

They looked around for him but, he disappeared —nobody knows where. It was so embarrassing for both parties.

The bride’s family was less privileged. They were in a more upsetting position. Then the younger brother studying medicine came forward and offered himself for the marriage. The bride chose as a mate for the older son based on his unstable mental condition. 

It was his sacrifice and a good deed to save his family and bride’s family from an awkward and embarrassing position. The girl (bride) would not have found another person to marry her as the groom ran away. People would have held responsible that there was something wrong with her. In addition, society would look down on her parents. It was almost a disaster situation for the bride and family.

The sacrifice of the groom was a reward by the Almighty.

 She was a beautiful, wise, and kind girl. 

Time passed——— Almighty Allah who knows everything blessed them with healthy and beautiful children.

The elder son fled from the wedding stage, came back home himself after a few months. 

 Nobody disturbed him by asking questions.

After forty years or more, they got my address somehow and visited me. It was a great pleasure to see them after so long. The brother who had run away is also taken care of by this brother. He is alive but not mentally stable yet.

5 Responses to "Give and Forgive"

Wow! A great sacrifice.

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yeah, love begets love, sacrifice is kind of love

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It’s a great move to receive the blessings by Allah. (lucky doctor.). 🙃🙃🙃


Wow. Just wow. Allah has plans for us that we can never fathom


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