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Selected couplets of Meer Anees

Posted on: July 25, 2017


1-āshiq ko dekhte haiñ dupaTTe ko taan kar

dete haiñ ham ko sharbat-e-dīdār chhān kar

Glance beloved’s glimpse through her veil

She lets her seen through strainer of her veil


2-‘anīs’ āsāñ nahīñ ābād karnā ghar mohabbat kā

ye un kā kaam hai jo zindagī barbād karte haiñ

Anis, it’s not easy making a cherished home

The ones having no guts make such a home


3-‘anīs’ dam kā bharosā nahīñ Thahar jaao

charāġh le ke kahāñ sāmne havā ke chale

Anis, hold on! No surety of a single breath

Why go in front of strong wind and hearth


4-ashk-e-ġham diida-e-pur-nam se sambhāle na ga.e

ye vo bachche hai jo maañ baap se paale na ga.e

Flowing tears of gloom can’t be controlled

Like rebellious kids! Parents fail to control


5-gul-dasta-e-ma.ānī ko na.e Dhañg se bāñdhūñ

ik phuul kā mazmūñ ho to sau rañg se bāñdhūñ

Give new meanings to bouquet of poetry

As each verse is myriad of bouquet poetry


6-karīm jo tujhe denā hai be-talab de de

faqīr huuñ pa nahīñ aadat-e-savāl mujhe

O the most Kind! Give me without me pleading

Though I’m a meek beggar, I dislike beseeching


7-lagā rahā huuñ mazāmīn-e-nau ke phir ambār

ḳhabar karo mere ḳhirman ke ḳhoshā-chīnoñ

Again I’m composing loads of new themes

Let know planter of harvest and my theme


8-tamām umr jo kī ham se be-ruḳhī sab ne

kafan meñ ham bhī azīzoñ se muñh chhupā ke chale

As I was ignored all throughout my life

Thus I’m wrapped in shroud leaving life

3 Responses to "Selected couplets of Meer Anees"

Such a wonderful collection of classic poetry !! Hope you have been well 🌹♥️

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Thank you dear Zee, so kind of you, yeah I’m fine alhamdolillah
wishing you peace

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I’m glad to know☺️😇

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