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What do I have except attire of dust on me!

Posted on: July 15, 2017


What do I have except attire of dust on me!

Nothing left except ashes of fiery urn in me!

The city of the thin minded ignorant people

Prostrate with no awareness; ignorant people

All dome and minaret and pulpit and arches

Nothing but under religious chiefs’ rein, are

All uncovered heads, believe out of ignorance

They’re in fallacy being sheltered below heavens

Their entire life’s success is blessings of Almighty

Is but living in ecstasy! No approval of Almighty

My belief to know myself and the world around

Is but sham, ignorance and mistake all abound

My concern and worry about the world around

Is nothing but to be notable eminent around!

Himayut Ali Shayar

badan pe pairahan-e-ḳhāk ke sivā kyā hai

mire alaav meñ ab raakh ke sivā kyā hai

ye shahr-e-sajda-guzārāñ dayār-e-kam-nazarāñ

yatīm-ḳhāna-e-idrāk ke sivā kyā hai

tamām gumbad-o-mīnār-o-mimbar-o-mehrāb

faqīh-e-shahr kī imlāk ke sivā kyā hai

khule saroñ kā muqaddar ba-e-faiz-e-jahl-e-ḳhirad

fareb-e-sāya-e-aflāk ke sivā kyā hai

tamām umr kā hāsil ba-fazl-e-rabb-e-karīm

mata-e-dīda-e-namnāk ke sivā kyā hai

ye merā da.avā-e-ḳhud-bīnī-o-jahāñ-bīnī

mirī jihālat-e-saffāk ke sivā kyā hai

jahān-e-fikr-o-amal meñ ye merā zom-e-vajūd

faqat numā.ish-e-poshāk ke sivā kyā hai


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