Just Bliss

unforgettable dream

Posted on: June 2, 2017



We are living on an island, having

Unfathomable Ocean on three sides,

And a dense forest on its fourth side,

None came back who went to seek its base!

The trees found here are bare with no leaves,

The fruit that grow on them are as big as heads,

All the birds on this island are voiceless,

Miseries   like wriggling dreams, keep us alive

For the forthcoming days and trial

Seeing a sailing boat from far-off,

We scream in excitement waving hands

And quietly lay down with the setting sun

The stars sing unheard songs to our women

They vanish like one more world with rising sun

It’s all like a dream for us, hidden unknown!

Contented we were with little food

And bodies adorned with leaves

Who discovered the reason of our bareness?

No one would ever know,

 If our children never asked

Every night, we make a boat in dream

That sails smoothly on water far away

And die away like dream with the rising sun


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