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Shepherd returns home with his flock at nightfall

Posted on: May 23, 2017




Shepherd returns home with his flock at nightfall

Thou a bird, thy heart a cage; get in, its nightfall

When someone carrying  in arms  lay me in bed

People believe, the sun is downhill, it’s nightfall

 Evening wrapped  all vim and vigor, and milieu

 Life’s hustle bustle fading, go home it’s nightfall

In  red golden turban, lord gets down his horse

In  black blanket a jogi gets out like it’s nightfall

Evening   shadows override the prisons walls

A gentle heart  in iron cage again, its nightfall

 Whom did the trees adorned their boughs for?

She wandered from one jungle to another jungle

 Alas! No one came, it was  depressing nightfall


Bashir Badr Poetry

Charwaha bhedon ko le kar ghar ghar aaya raat hui,
tu panchhi dil tera pinjra, pinjre mein ja raat hui.

Koi humen haathon pe utha kar bistar mein rakh deta hai,
duniya waale ye kahte hain sooraj dooba raat hui.

Shehar, makaan, dukaanon waale sab parde kirnon ne lapete,
khatm hua sab khel tamasha ja ab ghar ja raat hui.

Soorkh sunehra saafa bandhe shahzada ghode se utra,
kaale ghar se kambal odhe jogi nikla raat hui.

Shaam ke saaye zindaan ki deewaren oonchi karne lage,
phool sa dil lohe ke panje mein phir aaya raat hui.

Kis ki khatir dhoop ke gajre in shaakhon ne pahne the,
jungle jungle roye meera koi na aaya raat hui. !!

2 Responses to "Shepherd returns home with his flock at nightfall"

Moving and powerful~

Liked by 1 person

Thank you Cindy for taking out time and appreciating. i’m indebted 🙂 wishing you peace ❤


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