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My beloved has nipped my heart cruelly

Posted on: May 11, 2017



My beloved has nipped my heart cruelly

Ruined and busted my home heartlessly

All dreams and delight were my fascination

Were they my dreams or end culmination?

Which way am I to adhere, swing or sail

He ambushed me from all around to wail

Neither can move ahead nor can turn back

Which route he’s put me and which track

His loathing and his allure are unusual

He’s my like me; very weird and unusual

I was fascinated by someone else’s allure

When wounded; turned back to his allure

When revealed to me, that it’s all fascination

And he’s made me glamour of fascination



banā gulāb to kāñTe chubhā gayā ik shaḳhs

huā charāġh to ghar hī jalā gayā ik shaḳhs

tamām rañg mire aur saare ḳhvāb mire

fasāna the ki fasāna banā gayā ik shaḳhs

maiñ kis havā meñ uḌuuñ kis fazā meñ lahrā.ūñ

dukhoñ ke jaal har ik sū bichhā gayā ik shaḳhs

palaT sakūñ hī na aage hī baḌh sakūñ jis par

mujhe ye kaun se raste lagā gayā ik shaḳhs

mohabbateñ bhī ajab us kī nafrateñ bhī kamāl

mirī hī tarah kā mujh meñ samā gayā ik shaḳhs

mohabbatoñ ne kisī kī bhulā rakhā thā use

mile vo zaḳhm ki phir yaad aa gayā ik shaḳhs

khulā ye raaz ki ā.īna-ḳhāna hai duniyā

aur us meñ mujh ko tamā shā banā gayā ik shaḳhs

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