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A Great artist

Posted on: January 16, 2017



He’s very concerned of poor children

Starving, fading and dying children

Thus he travels far and wide for them

Then takes images of their melancholy

To display in most expensive hotels

To sell those photos to fine art lovers

Who consume food like monsters!
عظیم فن کار
ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ
اسے بھوک سے مرتے
مریل بچوں کا
بہت خیال رہتا ہے
طویل سفر کرکے
ان کی تصویریں بناتا ہے
مہنگے ترین ہوٹلوں میں
نمائش کا اہتمام کرتا ہے
جہاں وہ اور اس کے
فن کے قدر دان
حیوانوں کی طرح
خوراک نگلتے ہیں.

9 Responses to "A Great artist"

That second pic is unforgettable! A photograph that became a talk of the world. The photographer won an award for it but it depressed him so much that he has e up his life. Really thought provoking work by you.

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your words are precious and mean a lot to me

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Thank you so much for those kind words but I think you deserve the credit for such a thought provoking article. The words were few but the message is enormous. More importantly I think you’ve just chosen the best possible picture(the child’s) to express your thoughts.

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humbly honored, thank you

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When will humankind have so much compassion that it results in end of wars and in equal distribution of wealth so that there is no starvation any more?


Wellkind considerate people like you are very few and can counted on fingers my friend. What can do is at least spread light, happiness through our words. We can share grief and relief of our friends who we have never seen or may ever see but pain and gain is same every where with every one.
I cordially wish you peace and health my friend , amen

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Thank you Tanveer, I think though that there are very many of us being kind in the world, and I experience this every single day, it nourishes the heart and soul. Many people are suffering that is for sure and we can only be kind to them and try to lighten their load or encourage those. Thank you for your kind comment.

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yes I agree with you. May we be forgiven and may God help us help others in need

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