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That land awfully upsets me where;

People hate the ones in dreams, but

Bow down heads as the dawn breaks

Unruliness is the standard of the day

Wealth’s supreme; its faith and belief

                               That land awfully upsets me where;

 The scholar conjoins with the sham

Where pretenders perform as creative

The artist rambles with a suffered heart

The poet is heartbroken and speechless;

The songster sings to please sovereigns

                            That land awfully upsets me where;

 Where the thorns prick and pang flowers

Where the valiant silently stay indoors

Where cattle graze grass in institutes 

Wise having wisdom remain confound

                          That land awfully upsets me where;

Where riches sponsors love in the bazaar

A woman’s vanity is disgraced in the bazaar

Where children aware of all torment

Children well abreast of harsh labor

                          That land awfully upsets me where;

Where verdict of caste and color sways

The Ruler overrules law court and sway

A common man has no share no right no say

Where justice is as time and need of the day

                          That land awfully upsets me where;

Where treasury is full; loaded with credits

Every sector’s controlled by the foreign master

Gunpowder smell suffocates the environment

Where a man feels scared to go out to wander

                          That land awfully upsets me where;

Where all decisions are taken abroad

Poverty is reaching beyond the limit

Where delight and power restrain senses

They forget that every action has a reaction

                          That land awfully upsets me where;



O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment ——

How the lawmaker make rules

The way they propose the rules

Sunburns on hungry and deprived

sun crackles the poor and deprived

The wretched fights the laws imposed

So  criminal’s nagged and imprisoned

O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

It’s amazing, hope brings mortality

It’s your worth; the sweat of tough labor

The thriving fields convey the message

The old  farmer is merely a bystander

O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

 Dreariness placed flowers of hopes

Delight assured of dreams and hopes

Hands wounded, blood drips, of labor

Even then disgrace shame and dishonor

O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

 An image that’s not being envisioned yet

It needs colored  attire  from thou O! Painter

The instruments reserve melodic sounds

O, singer, wanted thy melodic sweet sound

O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

agony and anguish persist of centuries

eyes weep for last so many centuries

O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

 Why do lagoons flow towards the ocean

What’s motive, just to see your splendor?

Eyes stare, lookout and then downhearted

O, my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-




  1. Soil emits fragrance

            During this monsoon

          Thus the birds rejoice


  1. Rain pours down

                Every instant in the heart

                It’s thou who enlivens


  1. Soggy wet are eyes

              See splish-splash around

              The weather moist damp


  1. River’s furious

        As heart softens

         Mountain mourns


  1. A lamp was lit for long

        Beyond the mountain

           The beloved didn’t come


  1. Wintry cold nights

              Needy searches around

               For comfort and warmth




Singing songs he’s lost self in dreams

He has silenced! The traveler of dreams

Stunned in musical tools; The Belle, dancing

She’s lost in ecstasy; she’s stopped dancing!

The shining stars and metaphors fascination

Have faded away and lost their captivation

Silence is ecstatic, and silence is deceptive

The being made of dust returned to dust

Whatever’s made of light subsists in light

Its celestial ambiance!



1. If desires perish so does fear and heart’s calm

One who is free of wants is as king of all realms

Chaah miti, chinta miti, manwa beparwaah
Jisko kuch nahi chahiye, woh Shahenshah


2. To get big honors is not worth as tree of dates

As no shed for traveler and out of reach of dates

Bada hua to kya hua jaisay paid khajoor,
Panthi ko chhaya nahin, phal laagen ati door.


3.What’s to be done tomorrow, do it today or do now?

If time’s wasted; when will you get it done and how

Kaal karay so aaj kar, aaj karay so ab,
Pal mein pralay hogayi, bahuri karogay kab


4. Kabir’s light wept, seeing grindstone crush

Between two stones nothing rests uncrushed

Chalti chakki dekh kay diya Kabira roay
Doi paatan kay beech mein sabut bacha na koay


5. When I wandered to find evil, found none

When examined myself, it was me, the one

Bura jo dekahn mein chala, bura na milya koi,
Jo mun khoja aapna to mujh say bura na koi


6.Standing in a bazaar, Kabir wishes all well

It’s not enmity nor amity, just wishing well

Kabira Khada bazaar mein maange sub ki khair
Na kahu say dosti na kahu say bair.


Through his open eyes, a dream peeps

Is he awake? Or is he somewhat asleep

Though in wet forest of thy fondness

Like a peacock, my body heartily dances

Why won’t he know me in any condition?

Although he knows all of my situations

However, I’m in his reach now right away

Yet he wishes my will to be with anyway

He’s lost in someone’s remembrance

Makes excuses to dodge me thence

Have to walk leaving boulevard away

As my home is on the muddy pathway


khulī āñkhoñ meñ sapnā jhāñktā hai

vo soyā hai ki kuchh kuchh jāgtā hai

tirī chāhat ke bhīge jañgaloñ meñ

mirā tan mor ban kar nāchtā hai

mujhe har kaifiyat meñ kyuuñ na samjhe

vo mere sab havāle jāntā hai

maiñ us kī dastaras meñ huuñ magar vo

mujhe merī razā se māñgtā hai

kisī ke dhyān meñ Duubā huā dil

bahāne se mujhe bhī Tāltā hai

saḌak ko chhoḌ kar chalnā paḌegā

ki mere ghar kā kachchā rāsta hai


Perveen Shakir



Image result for images of a girl sadly smiling

Why have you been constantly smiling?

What’s the despair that you are veiling?

Having wet eyes and a smile on your face

What’s fact that you’re showing on the face?

The tears you sustain now with such patience

Will turn into venom if bear so much patience

Time has healed your wounds with resilience

Why are you scratching those with touchiness?

Destiny is the game of unreliable phase of life

You’re being beaten by the passing time of life
tum itnā jo muskurā rahe ho

kyā ġham hai jis ko chhupā rahe ho

āñkhoñ meñ namī hañsī laboñ par

kyā haal hai kyā dikhā rahe ho

ban jā.eñge zahr piite piite

ye ashk jo piite jā rahe ho

jin zaḳhmoñ ko vaqt bhar chalā hai

tum kyuuñ unheñ chheḌe jā rahe ho

rekhāoñ kā khel hai muqaddar

rekhāoñ se maat khā rahe ho


The birds may not have squealed for no reason
Someone from city may have come for treason

Tree cutters would be aware of consequences
Bodies will burn in the sun if no shade resilience

Blooming spring’s founder didn’t even assume
Who let thorns to pierce into blood in volume?

A cheery chirpy bird sitting on the electric wire
Considers jungle to be of someone else’s pier

Flying from the jungle the terrified thirsty birds
Appeared every mirage as an ocean to the birds

Urdu Poetry: Kaifi Azmi
Translator: Tanveer Rauf

شور یوں ہی نہ پرندوں نے مچایا ہو گا
کوئی جنگل کی طرف شہر سے آیا ہو گا

پیڑ کے کاٹنے والوں کو یہ معلوم نہ تھا
جسم جل جائیں گے جب سر پہ نہ سایہ ہو گا

بانی ِ جشن ِ بہاراں نے یہ سوچا بھی نہیں
کس نے کانٹوں کو لہو اپنا پلایا ہو گا

بجلی کے تار پہ بیٹھا ہوا ہنستا پنچھی
سوچتا ہے کہ وہ جنگل تو پیارا ہو گا

اپنے جنگل سے جو گھبرا کے اڑے تھے پیاسے
ہر سراب ان کو سمندر نظر آیا ہو گا


shor yūñhī na parindoñ ne machāyā hogā
koī jañgal kī taraf shahr se aayā hogā

peḌ ke kāTne vāloñ ko ye mālūm to thā
jism jal jā.eñge jab sar pe na saaya hogā

bānī-e-jashn-e-bahārāñ ne ye sochā bhī nahīñ
kis ne kāñToñ ko lahū apnā pilāyā hogā

bijlī ke taar pe baiThā huā hañstā panchhī
sochtā hai ki vo jañgal to parāyā hogā

apne jañgal se jo ghabrā ke uḌe the pyāse
har sarāb un ko samundar nazar aayā hogā

Tanveer Rauf



He’s very concerned of poor children

Starving, fading and dying children

Thus he travels far and wide for them

Then takes images of their melancholy

To display in most expensive hotels

To sell those photos to fine art lovers

Who consume food like monsters!
عظیم فن کار
ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ ہ
اسے بھوک سے مرتے
مریل بچوں کا
بہت خیال رہتا ہے
طویل سفر کرکے
ان کی تصویریں بناتا ہے
مہنگے ترین ہوٹلوں میں
نمائش کا اہتمام کرتا ہے
جہاں وہ اور اس کے
فن کے قدر دان
حیوانوں کی طرح
خوراک نگلتے ہیں.



No relationship ever remains forever

Who to nag, one doesn’t remain self ever

One then starts conversing with oneself

        As he can’t live long in aloofness always

What a friend! Walks along in trying time

Moves aside when sees some relief for me

Some incidents in life do happen; though

                                             life’s saved but the man isn’t alive though

I do sometimes go to my heart’s chamber

But no resident’s dwelling there like me

(this poetry is composed and sung by Jaswinder Singh


ہ ہ ہ 
ہمیشہ تو زمانے میں کوئی رشتہ نہیں  رھتا 
کسی سے کیا گلہ، خود آدمی اپنا نہیں  رھتا

پھر اپنے آپ سے اک گفتگو سی چل نکلتی ہے 
کوئی انساں زیادہ دیر تک تنہا نہیں  رھتا

عجب ساتھی ہے، دکھ کی دھوپ میں بس ساتھ چلتا ہے 
کہیں سایہ ذرا آئے تو پھر سایہ نہیں  رھتا

کچھ ایسےحادثے بھی زندگی میں ھوتے دیکھے ہیں 
کہ انساں بچ تو جاتا ھے مگر زندہ نہیں  رھتا

میں اپنے دل کے دروازے پہ اکثر اب بھی جاتا ھوں 
مگر اس گھر میں اب کوئی مرے جیسا نہیں  رھتا

( افتخار بخآری )

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