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Maulana Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273)

Shams al-Din Mohammad (1185–1248) Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra) ad. 1248 was an Iranian Sufi mystic born in the city of Tabriz in Iranian Azerbaijan. He is responsible for initiating Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (rah), usually known as Rumi in the West, into Islamic mysticism, and is immortalized by Rumi’s poetry collection Diwan-e Shams-e Tabriz-i (“The works Shams of Tabriz “) (Ra). Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra) lived together with Rumi in Koyna in present day Turkey, for several years, and is also known to have traveled to Damascus in modern Syria.After several years with Rumi, Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra) disappeared from the pages of history quite suddenly. It is unknown what happened to him after his departure from Rumi, and there are several sites that claim to his grave, one in a remote region of the Karakoram in Northern Pakistan at a place called Ziarat, near the village Shimshall, and another in the same city that was buried in Rumi: Konya, Turkey. Rumi’s love for Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra), and his grief at his death, found expression in an outpouring of music, dance, and lyrics. Rumi himself left Konya and went searching for Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra), traveled far Damascus before realizing that Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra) and himself were, in fact, “the same” As the years passed, Rumi attributed more and more of his own poetry to Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Raz), as a sign of love for his deceased friend and master. In fact, it soon becomes clear in reading Rumi that Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Raz), was elevated to a symbol of God’s love for humanity, and that Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra), was a Sun (“Shams” is Arabic for “sun”) shining the Light of God on Rumi.The image of Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra), which is transmitted in the later Sufi tradition is that of an ecstatic wandering mystic teacher for Rumi. While the relationship between Rumi and Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Raz), is certainly one of the finest in the history of Islamic mysticism, the person of Shams is different from the image being projected onto him. The Maqalat Shams (oral discourses), which are now provided, Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra), comes across as a scholar, who was especially interested in proving his devotion to the Prophet Muhammad (S). He repeatedly criticizes philosophers and other mystics who tried to elevate themselves above the prophet of Islam.In the contemporary period Tabrezi Shams, there is confusion over the name “Shams” as there were three persons existing at the same time. This was Tabrezi Shams, Ismaili PIR (Dai) and Ismaili Imam Shamsuddin Shams Sabzwari.The tomb in Multan, Pakistan is Pir Shams Sabzwari, but it is known as Shams Tabrez. Nobody knows exactly where the tomb of Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(GAC) is located.
Miracles Performed by Hazrat Shams Tabrez (Ra)
Maulana (religious teacher) Rumi could never have become Maula Rumi
Without submitting to Spiritual Guide Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi-(Ra)

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I’m absorbed in my beloved’s beauty

There’s no one like me in the entire tavern

Alcohol lessens the meaning of the world

Whoever drinks wine of beloved’s beauty

When you dazed everyone of thy beauty

The gale, flora, birds, lagoon got elated

I’m spellbound from day one of thy beauty

I feel the air spellbound too of thy beauty

Why shouldn’t be I playful and naughty?

In her love; when beloved is so naughty

It’s not a problem our affair is disclosed

As beloved is so engaged in love herself

He’s not at all bothered of hell or heaven

One who is drunk in love’s wine as dervish?

من کہ باشم از بہار جلوہ دلدار مست
چون منے ناید نظر در خانہ خمار مست

میں تو دلدار کے جلوے کی بہار سے مست ہوں
میخانے میں میری طرح کا مست نظر نہیں آتا

مے نیاید در دلش انگار دنیا ہیچ گاہ
زاہدا ہر کس کہ باشد از ساغر سرشار مست

شراب کے آنے سے دل میں دنیا کی قدر ختم جاتی ہے
اے زاہد جو کوئی بھی ساغر سرشار سے مست ہو

جلوہ مستانہ کر دی دور ایام بہار
شد نسیم و بلبل و نہر و گلزار مست

تو نے بہار کے دنوں میں اپنا جلوہ مستانہ دکھایا
جس کی وجہ سے ہوا و بلبل ، نہر و پھول و باغ سبھی مست ہو گئے

من کہ از جام الستم مست ہر شام کہ سحر
در نظر آید مرا ہر دم درو دیوار مست

میں تو روز ازل سے جام الست سے مست ہوں اور ہر صبح و شام
درودیوار ہر لمحے مجھے مست نظر آتے ہیں

چون نہ اندر عشق او جاوید مستیہا کنیم
شاہد مارا بود گفتار و ہم رفتار مست

میں کیوں اس کے عشق میں مستیاں نہ کروں
جب کہ محبوب کہ رفتار و گفتار دونوں ہی مست ہیں

تا اگر راز شما گوید نہ کس پروا کند
زین سبب باشد شمارا محرم اسرار مست

اگر راز کو ظاہر کر بھی دیا جائے تو پروا نہیں
کیونکہ محرم راز بھی مست ہے

غافل از دنیا و دین و جنت و نار است او
در جہان ہر کس کہ میباشد قلندر وار مست

وہ دنیا و دین و جنت و دوزخ سے بے پرواہ ہوتا ہے
جو کوئی بھی اس جہان میں قلندر کہ طرح مست ہو

دیوان بو علی قلندر
Deewan Bu Ali Qalandar

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