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got my nose pierced by a cobbler

Posted on: November 3, 2016


Its all time favorite nursery rhyme;

Cobble cobbler mend my shoe

Get it done by half past two———

no woman would have got her nose pierced by a cobbler to wear nose pin. But you can expect any silly thing from me.

Being a soldier’s wife I always lived in cantonments. as soldiers rarely live in their home. They are on different duties most of the time. Hence when a baby boy  or baby was born he was informed. he was posted to Faisalabad base. I asked him to arrange a house for my son and me , as I’m bored to death to live away from him. so he a got a rented home in the cit as there was no residential colony for the army there. they lived in bunkers.

I had never lived in thickly populated area before so loved living among so many people. I enjoyed gatherings and meetings of neighbors. sewing, stitching, knitting and embroidery were activities of house wives and i also learnt and did all delightedly. one day i heard a man calling if any woman likes her nose or ears pierced. i loved to wear nose pin so asked my servant to call the man. he came and reciting  verses from the holy Quran pierced my nose and fixed a nose pin without any pain. i gave him money and he left. I was too happy. When my hubby returned home from work i showed him. He didn’t comment as it was already done.  a day or two passed and I bore the pain taking it normal. but my nose got septic and swollen. instead of nose it looked something like a clown’s nose—- red and swollen—–

after two days I heard his voice again so asked servant to bring him, he might have some remedy. He came. But seeing my nose in such rotten condition he got scared and flatly refused that he pierced it. He said he’s a cobbler. though he was the same man with the same bag on his shoulder. But he got frightened and left immediately. one of our neighbor hearing my pain and problem very kindly recited verses and smoothly took out the nose pin without pain. So friends since that day I use my nose for breathing only



8 Responses to "got my nose pierced by a cobbler"

This was a nice story. 😀 Thanks for sharing! ❤
And I liked the last line very much,'I use my nose for breathing only.'
The one reason I don't like piercings is because… it hurts. 😛

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yeah you are right. it hurts but gives pleasure and adds to feminine beauty:)

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LOL No offense, but I find this piece of yours quite enjoyable. It’s as if the nose were shouting:
“Hey, what are you doing to me? I breathe for thee!” 🙂

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beautiful 🙂

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thank you voulaah, stay blessed

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