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Magnet and its effect on our human body

Posted on: October 17, 2016

Magnet and its effect on our human body?
It is an interesting piece of metal. All magnets have two sides. North Pole and the other side is South Pole. North Pole has traits of male and Blue is female. These opposite poles attract each other remain clung together.
All things in the universe is made up of molecules. Chinese people knew about magnet 2000 years ago but they dint use it until South Pole was found in 1909
It was discovered half a century ago that each molecule in our body contains magnet. Both these poles keep our metabolism balanced in position. We fall sick if this magnetic balance system is disorganized.
We observe and experience so many miracles of magnets in our daily life. All living things are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field——from bacteria to birds
How do we know that someone is watching us from across the street, even without turning to look?
How do we feel that some loved one far away from us is in trouble—without any communication?
Magnets are beyond our understanding a few years ago. Now we know that;
Siberian birds migrate from north to south in winter and then from south to north day and night for thousands of miles. It is only due to the
Direction of magnetic poles.
The groups of birds fly in the sky with a particular ‘V’ pattern. They have inbuilt magnetic forces.
Fishes have strong magnets in their heads. They also migrate long distances in search of suitable environment.
If you close your domesticated pigeon’s eyes and release it from hundred miles away from your home, it will reach your home before you do.
Cats do the same. No matter where ever and how far you leave them they come. It’s all due to magnetic force.
There countless examples. Just think and you will be surprised to remember so many yourself
Stay blessed and connected


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