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Shedding tears day and night is fresh memory

Posted on: October 9, 2016


 Shedding tears day and night is fresh memory

 That time of passionate love is fresh memory

Feeling nearby to you and spick and span with

Your blushing and biting finger’s fresh memory

My dragging your veiling wrap all of a sudden

Then hiding thy face with thy veil is fresh mind

Seeing you and no-one else, I formally talked

 Opened my heart to you; is yet fresh in mind

Glancing at me with searching eyes repeatedly

Got heated after babying you, is fresh in mind

 Coming bare footed in sizzling summer day

On the rooftop to call me, is fresh in memory

Chupky chupky raat din Aansu bahana yaad he

Hum ko ab tak aashki ka wo zamana yaad he

Tujh Se kuch milty hi wo bebaak ho jana mera

Or tera danto me wo ungli dabana yaad he

Khanch leta wo mera Pardy Ka kona dafatan

Or dupaty se tera wo muh chupana yaad he

Tujh ko tanha jab kabhi paana to az rah lihaz

Hale dill baton hi baton me jatana yaad he

Dekhna mujh ko jo bar guzrashta to so so naaz se

Jab mna lena to phir khud roth jaana yaad he

Dopehr ki dhop me mujh ko bulanay k liye

Wo tera kothy pe naangy paaon aana yaad he

Hasrat Mohani

9 Responses to "Shedding tears day and night is fresh memory"

nicely done, thank you so much for sharing

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Na Mujhe Yaad Dila Is Gazal Ko

Ghulam Ali Itni Bahetarein Gayen Is Gazal Ko

Na Jane Kitni Bar Suna Hai Is Gazal Ko

Har Baar Wo Yaad Aaye Wo Yaad He
Mashallah Tanveer!


Thank you Shiva ji, bright blessings and peace to you 🙂

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