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Which era is it I’m alive! forgot to enliven

Posted on: September 1, 2016



Which era is it I’m alive! forgot to enliven

Chanted songs before, now forgot to enliven

Dreamt of flowers bloom in my heart’s realm

We’ll cherish life together, forgot to enliven

Terror, fear reigns in the setting, is gruesome

Day by day fright trampled omen of the skies

Everyone is scared, sneakily look at each other

Unsure of ethics and morals; forgot to enliven

Who’s wailing and ailing let’s extend our hand

The sovereign is ruthless; let’s extend our hand

Self-interest is widespread; doubt my beloved

She forgot to taunt me, while I forgot to liven

What to say of inflation, sloughs too weigh up

Rely on bones, forgot to eat meat to liven up

Grenades blast guns fire; fright prevails about

Fright makes life unbearable; forgot to enliven

I came to cherish life here with bliss, Shahzad

Harmony is lost somewhere; forgot to enliven



6 Responses to "Which era is it I’m alive! forgot to enliven"

Whoh… that’s amazing!!☺

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Thank you Ashu, blessings and peace to you


Tanveer, you left me breathless. How sad it is your words reflect so much of this world. How so many have forgotten to enliven. Beautifully penned!! ❤

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Amy dear i’m so humbly grateful to you for so generous remarks. Words fail to say thank you 🙂 Bright blessings to you dear Amy

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Bright Blessings to you, dear friend. May your weekend be glorious!!! (((HUGS))) ❤

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