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Sometimes and often I think that

Posted on: July 3, 2016


Poet: Sahir Ludhyanvi
Translator: Tanveer Rauf

Sometimes and often I think that
Life under the shade of thy soft hair
Would have been very delightful
The gloominess of my murky life
May lighten in thy eyes’ radiance
I may be engulfed in thy loveliness
Forgetting my grief and gloominess
Your soft body and magnetic eyes
I may be fascinated by your ecstasy
If life’s torment and anguish upset me
I would take haven in your loveliness
If life’s despair chased me anywhere
I but rest in the fragrant shade of thy hair
I’ve gone through all torments of life
Now going through a weird phase of life
Depressing shadows chasing me now
Breathing between life and death now
No endeavor, no hope no bliss of life
My being is floating aimlessly in space
One day will perish eternally in space


Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein Khayal aata hai

Ke zindagi teri zulfoon ki narm chhaahoon mein

Guzarne pati to shadab ho bhi sakti thi

Yeh teergi jo meri zeest ka muqaddar hai

Teri nazar ki shuaaon mein kho bhi sakti thi

Ajab na tha ke main begana-e-alam ho kar

Tere jamaal ki rahnaeyon mein kho rahta

Tera gudaz badan teri neem-baaz aankhein

Inheen haseen fasanon mein mahv ho rahta

Pukarti mujhe jab talKhiyan zamane ki

Tere labon se halavat ke ghoonT pi leta

Hayat cheekhti phirti barhana-sar, aur main

Ghaneri zulfoon ke saaye mein chhup ke ji leta

Magar yeh ho na saka aur ab yeh aalam hai

Ke tu nahien, tera Gham, teri justuju bhi nahien

Guzar rahi hai kuchh is tarah zindagi jaise

Ise kisi ke sahaare ki aarzu bhi nahien

Zamane bhar ke dukhoon ko laga chuka hoon gale

Guzar raha hoon kuchh anjani rah-gaahoon se

Muheeb saaye meri simt baRhte aate hain

Hayat-o-maut ke pur-haul Kharzaroon se

Na koi jada-o-manzil na roshni ka suraGh

BhaTak rahi hai Khalahoon mein zindagi meri

Inheen Khalaoon mein rah jauonga kabhi khokar

Main janta hoon meri ham-nafas magar yoon hi

Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein Khayaal aata hai

by Sahir Ludhianvi)

2 Responses to "Sometimes and often I think that"

Such a terrific piece!

Liked by 1 person

i’m so thankful to you for such worthy remark ,God bless you with light, peace, loved long life amen


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