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Posted on: May 31, 2016



Lightning and storm raided since 

The Nightingale collected two twigs

Youth is adornment for its loveliness

Simplicity add more glow to loveliness

Who’ll see in deserted part its loveliness

When flowers blossom in deserted land

Except for me, he’s cares for entire world

Its’ me, who left for him, the entire world

The up-and-coming buds be of pastel color

For they are to be sent to a blooming girl

Meeting beloved for such a short while?

Such sweet moments were so longed for

Would sleep more cherishing the union

If muezzin hadn’t waken me up at dawn


جب سے بُلبُل نے ہیں دو تِنکے لئے

ٹوٹتی ہیں بِجلیاں  اِن کے لئے

ہے جوانی خود جوانی کا سنگھار

سادگی گہنہ ہے اس سِن کے لئے

کون ویرانے میں دیکھے گا بہار

پھول جنگل میں کِھلے کن  کے لئے

ساری دنیا کے ہیں وہ، میرے سوا

میں نے دُنیا چھوڑدی جن کے لئے

باغباں کلیاں ہوں ہلکے رنگ کی

بھیجنی ہے ایک کمسِن کے لئے

وصْل کا  دن اور اِتنا مُختصر

دن گِنے جاتے تھے اِس دن کے لئے

صبح کا سونا، جو ہاتھ آتا امیر

بھیجتے تحفہ مُؤذّن کے لئے






The benefits of honey and the magic mixture of honey and cinnamon is known for hundreds of years for their miraculous curing power. Many people know about the health benefits of honey but very few know about the health benefits of honey and cinnamon combined. If we look back into the history we can see both these items used by different countries and cultures across the world for different medicinal purposes. Almost all the ancient cultures are aware about the benefits of honey on skin and benefits of honey on hair. Also healing benefits of honey and lemon has been recorded in ancient texts and even in many holy books like Bible, Quran. The   benefits of honey in weight loss, benefits of honey with hot water, beauty benefits of honey, benefits of honey and apple cider vinegar, benefits of honey for diabetics, arthritis etc.


Listed below are some of the well known uses of the combination of honey and cinnamon.

1.                Honey and cinnamon for Curing Arthritis

A paste should be made from one part honey and two parts of luke warm water added with a small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This paste should be massaged on the itching part of the body and the pain should recede within fifteen minutes in most cases.

2.                Honey and Cinnamon for preventing Hair Loss

For hair loss or baldness, patients may apply a paste made out of hot olive oil, one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder. This should be applied before they take bath and keep it for approximately 15 minutes. After that they can wash it off with Luke warm water.


3. Honey and Cinnamon is excellent for Toothache

A paste made of one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and five teaspoons of honey when applied on the aching tooth (may be done 3 times a day) reduces the pain within a matter of 15 minutes.

4.  Honey and Cinnamon can help in Reducing Cholesterol

Take two tablespoons of honey, three teaspoons of cinnamon powder and mix in 16 ounces of tea, when given to a cholesterol patient, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10% within 2 hours. Pure honey is also sometimes used with food to check cholesterol.

·5. Honey and Cinnamon benefits include Curing Colds

For those who are suffering from common or severe colds, should take one tablespoon of luke warm honey with 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. This process will cure most chronic cough, cold and clear the sinuses.

6. Honey and Cinnamon Cures Infertility

Various ancient medical streams like Ayurveda and Yunani have been using honey for years in medicine to strengthen the semen of men. Two tablespoons of honey before they go to sleep is what is prescribed by many experienced practitioners. This combination will work wonders for women as well. In China , Japan and other Asian countries, if the women who do not conceive, and or if their uterus is weak, then they have been prescribed cinnamon powder. Women who cannot conceive may take a pinch of cinnamon powder in half a teaspoon of honey, and apply it on the gums frequently throughout the day, so that it slowly mixes with the saliva and enters the body.

7.  Honey and Cinnamon benefits include curing Upset Stomach

Honey taken with cinnamon powder also helps in curing stomach ache. For people who are suffering from gas problems, honey should be taken with cinnamon powder in equal quantities, relieves gas and pain in the stomach.

8. Honey and Cinnamon for better Immune System

The daily intake of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacterial and viral attacks. Researchers have found that honey has various vitamins and iron in large amounts and its use strengthens the white blood corpuscles.

·9. Honey and Cinnamon for Longevity

Ancient cultures used Tea made with honey and cinnamon powder for longevity. 4 spoons of honey, 1 spoon of cinnamon powder and 3 cups of water are boiled to make this tea. The prescribed amount is to drink 1/4 cup, 3 times a day. It keeps the skin fresh and soft and slows down old age.

10. Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup water first thing in the morning (empty stomach). If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most overweight person. Also drinking of this mixture regularly does not allow the fat to accumulate in the body, even though the person may eat a high calorie diet.

1. How much honey for allergies

Depends on what type of allergy for which you are using honey for. Honey might not work for all allergies and for all people. Typically 2 teaspoons of honey combined with ginger and cinnamon will help with general allergies.

2. How much honey a day

If you don’t have any physical ailments then the answer to the question “how much honey a day” is pretty standard for adults. It is 1-2 teaspoons of honey. It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting on any such self medication. But 1-2 teaspoons of honey should not harm you.

3. How much honey for cough

For children and toddlers having cough, it should be 1 tea spoon of honey mixed with luke warm water and cinnamon. Gargle with luke warm water and a pinch of salt. Adults can have 2 teaspoons

Tanveer Rauf's photo.

Poet; Shaista Mufti Farrukh
Translator; Tanveer Rauf
Thinking of thee—Love!

What is love——-?
To be lost in the ocean of chances
To neglect all for your soggy eyes;
Sometimes go and share with stars
About heart’s feelings or flowers,
Either squander silently all day
or be asleep in a meaningless way;
At times shed tears, at times veil them,
I evoke all, being lost on the way at dusk
What is love—–?
Poison, energizer, shadow, may be
Shadow, which often shadowed me;
Compels me to speak his language
Forget self, and choose crazy way;
What is love—-?
Be faithful to words, sip death’s poison,
Pat thy heart’s string with pure simplicity
What is love—-?
Maybe to locate him on the tracks,
Worship again, whom cast off before;
Just feel often, that we have left
Far behind, the destiny of madness;
Broken the bond amid flora and fauna,
Through clouds Love will shower again
Linking green shoot erupts in heart again;
Will feel free of your promising assurance,
Love will again return to your soggy eyes

محبت سوچتے رہنا

محبت کیا ہےـــ شاید بحرِامکاں میں فنا ہونا
تمھاری چشمِ تر کے سامنے سب کچھ بھلا دینا
کبھی تاروں سے جا کے حالِ دل،حالِ چمن کہنا
کبھی چپ چاپ دن کرنا،یونہی چپ چاپ سو جانا
کبھی آنسو بہا لینا،کبھی اشکوں کو پی لینا
مجھے سب یاد ہے وہ دن ڈھلےرستوں میں کھو جانا

محبت کیا ہےــ شاید زہر ہے،امرت ہے،سایا ہے
وہ سایاجو مری ہستی پے اکثر لوٹ آیا ہے
مجھے مجبور کرتا ہے کہ میں اس کی زباں بولوں
بھلادوں خود کواور دیوانگی کی راہ کو چن لوں
میں لفظوں کی امیں بن کر قضا کے زہر کو پی لوں
مجسم سادگی بن کر تمھارے تارِدل چھو لوں

محبت کیاہےـــ شاید راستوں پر ڈھونڈنا اس کو
جسے ٹھکرا دیا پھر جزبِ دل سے پوجنا اس کو
محبت سادگی سے سوچتے رہنا یہی اکثرـ ـ ـ!
کہ ہم منزل جنوں کی اور پیچھے چھوڑ آئےہیں
گل و بلبل سے رشتہ تھا،وہ رشتہ توڑ آئےہیں
محبت بادلوں کے ساتھ پھر یکدم ہی چھائے گی
ہری کونپل سے باہم ہو کے دل میں پھوٹ آئے گی
تمھارے سب قوی دعوؤں سے سنگت چھوٹ جائے گی
محبت پھر تمھاری چشمِ تر میں لوٹ آئے گی

شائستہ مفتی



Come back to me beloved, come back

My heartbeats are calling you

My music is mislaid and soundless

My lyrics and verses missing you

Come back to me beloved, come back

The sky sheds it tears so do my eyes

My heart’s longing for you, come back

This gale stirs up thy heat of love

Come back once beloved! Come back

You fairly sustained our love bond

Come back once beloved! Come back

 One moment sob next minute grin

What a life what a way to be alive

One instant to meet next minute to quit

This life is merely game of two days

Hence let not the time kick the bucket

My lyrics and verses missing you

Come back to me beloved, come back

My music is mislaid and silent

Come back once beloved! Come back

………………………Lyricists; Bharat Vyas…………….

Aa laut ke aaja mere meet
Tujhe mere geet bulaate hai
Mera soona padha re sangeet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hai
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet

Barse gagan mere barse nayan
Dekho tarse hai man ab to aaja
Sheetal pavan yeh lagaye agan
O sajan ab to mukhda dikha ja
Tune bhali re nibhai preet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hain
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet

Ek pal hai hasna ek pal hai rona
Kaise hai jeevan ka khela
Ek pal hai milna ek pal hai bichadna
Duniya hai do din ka mela
Yeh ghadi na jaaye beet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hain
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet
Mera soona padha re sangeet
Tujhe mere geet bulate hai
Aa laut ke aaja mere meet…!!!



Moon is merely an island

In the ocean of darkness

The shoreline ahead of

Is just brim of dreamland;

 Merely a shadow   of lights

Don’t row your eyes’ boats

On the waves of darkness 

On the sand mountains;

Don’t walk off to that way

Don’t be ambushed around,

As the seamen have shores

Mainly on waves and waters

چاند تو جزیرہ ہے

چاند تو جزیرہ ہے

رات کے سمندر میں

جو کنارا سمجھے ہو

خواب ہے کنارے کا

روشنی کا سایہ ہے

ریتلے پہاڑوں پر

آنکھ کشتیاں لے کر

تیرگی کی لہروں پر

اس طرف کو مت جانا

یہ فریب مت کھانا

مانجھیوں کے ساحل تو

پانیوں پہ ہوتے ہیں

چاند تو جزیرہ ہے

رات کے سمندر میں


Posted on: May 17, 2016


After the lengthy drifting of the heavens
My soul stretches to relax the weary body
A dream breaks with a moan as I open eyes
I get up like a sobbing child, wiping my eyes
The wrinkles on the bed sheet enlighten
How swiftly lived long years of my life
In such short span of time
Gulped venom in passion of reunion
Wrapping the bedding of my uneasiness
Seeing my swollen eyes in the mirror
I dusting off my thoughts I move forward

سیر ِ سماوات کے بعد
تھکن اتارنے کے کئے
جسم میں انگڑائی لیتی ہے
آنکھوں میں اک خواب
چھناکے سے ٹوٹتا ہے
میں آنکھیں ملتا ہوا ایسے اٹھتا ہوں
جیسے کوئی روتا ہوا بچہ
بستر کے چہرے پر پڑی متجسس جھریاں بتاتی ہیں
کتنی لمبی زندگی
کس حالُ میں
کتنی جلدی جی چکا ہوں
وصل کے جام میں
حجر کا کتنا زہر پی چکا ہوں
اوہام کا بستر لپیٹتا ہوں
آئینہ سوجی ہوئی آنکھوں کو حیرت سے تکتا رہ جاتا ہے
میں کام پہ چلا جاتا ہوں



As lovely moments coming, troubles will perish
As we both reunite the detachment will perish;
The chain of constant flowing tears also will break
Our heartiness from this weird bond also will break;
But entire sagas are only for comforting own heart,
In nights of grief die, little by little of an aching heart,
Smiling, moaning, weeping, curbing and singing;
Dream of peace is calming and will remain as such
On a static arena, the lover will narrate the love story
Slowly the entire life will stream down through eyes;
pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
ham dono.n mil jaaye.nge aur sab duurii miT jaayegii
har dam bahane vaalii aa.Nkho.n kii maalaa bhii TuuTegii
teri merii hastii is bairii ba.ndhan se chhuTegii
lekin ye sab baate.n hai.n apane jii ke bahalaane kii
dukh kii raat me.n dhiire dhiire dil kaa dard miTaane kii
rote rote ha.Nsate ha.Nsate rukate rukate gaane kii
sukh kaa sapanaa suukhaa hai aur suukhaa hii rah jaayegaa
suunii sej pe prem kahaanii premii yuu.N kah jaayegaa
hote hote saaraa jiivan aa.Nkho.n se bah jaayegaa



This beautiful twilight, waterfalls and soft evening
Why not get delight from this harmonious setting
Whose tip toe and softly stepping to the other side?
Shall I not avail the chance to embrace and hug?

Yeh shafaq ki laali, yeh jharnay yeh sham kay saai
Mei, in aasooda fizaaon mei zara jhoom na loon
Wo dabay paoon udher kaun chali jati hay
Berh kay uss shokh kay turshay huway lub choom na loon
Sahir Ludhyanvi


Wish I was your beautiful hand’s bracelet
Thou would wear me with utter delight,
In your delicate, beautiful dainty wrist;
Touchily absorbed in moments
Of solitude; dangling me, you
Enriched me with thy fragrant hand;
If hugged me in your cheerful mood
I may joie de vivre with thy lips’ heat;
While floating in lovable dreamland,
You rested on your soft silky arms,
I spoke silent words in your ears and
Fondled your cheeks, and the silken hair
At any time you unfastened your attire
Was dazed to see your alluring figure
Your touch and love keep me spellbound
Captivated in the trance of thy fragrant soul
I may always dangle in your lovely hand
This vague relation may keep us together
Wish I was your beautiful hand’s bracelet

Wasi Shah
Kash Main Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kangan Hota
Tu Bare Piyar Say Chaao Sey Bare Maan Ke Sath
Apni Nazuk Si Kalaai Mein Charhati Mujh Ko
Aur Bay Taabi Say Furqat Ke Khizaan Lamhom Mein
Tu Kisi Soch Mein Dobi Jo Ghomati Mujh Ko
Main Tere Hath Ki Khushboo Say Mehak sa Jata
Jab Kabhi Mood Mein Aa Kar Mujhe Choma Karti
Tere Hontoon Ki main Hidat Say Dehak Sa Jata
Raat Ko Jab Bhi Tu Neendon Ke Safar Par Jati
Mar-Marein Hath Ka Takiya Banaya Karti
Main Tere Kan Say Lag Kar Kai Batein Karta
Teri Zulfon ko Tere Gaal Ko Choma Karta
Jab bhi tu band-e-qaba kholne lagti janan
Apni ankhon ko tere husan se khaira karta
Mujh Ko Bey Taab Sa Rakhta Teri Chahat Ka Nasha
Main Teri Rooh Ke Gulshan Mein Meehakta Rehta
Main Tere Jism Ke Aangan Mein Khanakta rehta
Kuch Nahi To Yahi Be Naam Sa Bhandhan Hota
Kash Main Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kanghan

Poetry: Wasi Shah
Translation: Tanveer Rauf



Takes ages for a sigh to be cherished
Who stays alive until love is cherished
Love needs patience; desire is impatient
How to care heart wounded and impatient
I know you will not ignore me at all
I’ll turn to ashes till you know it all
Ghalib who can resolve the turmoil of life
Candle burns in all forms till dawn all its life
Aah Ko Chahiye Ik Umar Asar Hone Tak
Kaun Jita Hai Teri Zulf Ke Sar Hone Tak

Aashiqi Sabrtalab Aur Tamana Betaab
Dil Ka Kiya Rang Karun Khoon_E_Jigar Hone Tak

Ham Ne Mana Ke Tagaful Na Karo Ge Lekin
Khaak Ho Jayen Ge Hum Tum Ko Khabar Hone Tak

Gham_E_Hasti Ka Asad Kis Se Ho Juz Ilaaj
Shama Har Rang Mein Jalti Hai Sahar Hone Tak

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