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29th March is my husband’s death anniversary. It will be 32nd anniversary; it means a period of a generation has grown up from child to adulthood. My children also have grown up into handsome men and beautiful ladies

I have to prepare myself for this celebration. Are you surprised amazed sad to read this  ????????? well let me share something with you all—:) his first anniversary was celebrated with sobs and tears and heartaches, with brothers sisters relatives and friends along with food and charity but the next year I made sure that my children should not mourn their father’s death rather feel proud; as Major Rauf was a fighter, a brave patriot soldier, a humane human being, a very loving father and a responsible husband. Hence it’s our faith and we strongly believe that he is enjoying lavish and peaceful life in heavens above.

So each year we make food of his choice, give away charity in his name, pray and recite holy Quran for his soul to be further upgraded. After that we talk about him———-his life there and our life here——

We happily eat. I don’t like to grieve over.

We have six beautiful grandchildren mashaAllah so we’ll eat and be cheerful. Oh I forgot to tell you that I have to do my make over as being bed bound I look horrible now. If his soul visits us J he won’t like me the way I look now. Life is too short so we should enjoy every moment and spread harmony around us not tears

Wishing you all peace, light and abundance of Almighty Allah’s blessings

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