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Queen with a Frown

Posted on: March 18, 2016


1009937_10207579947151314_6808989973074743059_nnew me

I am the queen of my home kingdom. My status is upgraded to even a higher grade now. Before I was elevated I used to take care of my sweet home like a watchman. I moved from room to room, to the kitchen, to the lounge, to the living room and generously enjoyed washrooms with shower and other nature calls. I kept an eagle’s eye on my maid and made sure of cleanliness and everything in proper order. I made sure that guests are respectfully received, entertained served and seen off.

But after 5th February 2016 and dreadful mishap I am bed bound. The surgeon advised me to be queen for three more weeks.

Hence I am connected with my loved ones and friends through skype and face book on my bed only.

I get my food, fruits and everything petty thing of my need on my bed. Two maids are there to take of my personal needs. I don’t have to go they rest room either. I am provided all facilities on my bed at any time of the day and night. Often I get mad at my maid who sleeps so soundly and I have to use all bells and bangs and howls to wake her for my nature’s call.

I love my foot with broken ankles. It’s so innocent and adorable. I pamper it and talk to it, caress it as its time for it to rest

Everything is mortal so this time will pass away too.

So friends nothing to worry about! I am the queen with smiles and at times with frown too

Life is short and beautiful—– enjoy and stay blessed


7 Responses to "Queen with a Frown"

Keep safe..,<3
Take the best care of yourself queen

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Thank you for care and concern. Stay blessed


Thinking of you after reading such humbling and positive words. 🙂

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Yes u r forever queen of our hearts. InshAllah u ll soon roam around everywhere. I love u so much

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MY VERY DEAR Nano ji my baby, thank you — you have always been with me in all times of relief and grief


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