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5th February 2016 was the last day of my life when i stood on my two feet. I didn’t know that after some time same evening I’ll face a dreadful accident. If i knew it earlier I would’t have been so happy and gone there or attended the literary gathering. i dint know before getting into the elevator that within seconds it will collapse leaving my ankles broken into pieces. Since that day I’m bed-bound. I was to attend a big event of authors of children’s authors  in Sharjah and was so excited to meet writers of children’s literature from around the world. I lost the golden chance 😦

But i am so blessed by Almighty that countless of friends, well wishers, relatives poured in to see me, uplift me and wish me. The hospital management and staff was surprised to see so many people coming just to see me.

My children, my grandchildren, my nephews, nieces and even their small children prayed for me. they called me every day sent flowers, fruits, gifts and what not, My daughters in law of my brother in law brought my favorite dishes so i eat and feel loved and wanted.

The auto rickshaw man, the tailor, the electrician, the washer man, the fisherman visited me with fruits. My home looked like flowers and fruit shop.

Today one of my friends asked me that how much did I cry or weep———— Honest to God i didn’t drop a single tear because I didn’t get time. The fear and unbearable pain was there alright but i got immediate help and warmth of love that kept myself composed.

I would however feel honored and grateful to the brave man Mazhar who is like a son to me. It was he who dropped me at that home where this tragic incident occurred. It was he only who carried me like a child in his arms to the hospital, placed me on the x-ray table and back to the theater for my foot to be in cast. The surgery was done the next day. I’m grateful to him from the core of my heart. May he be blessed always, amen

I owe my gratitude to every single person seen or unseen who prayed for me and helped me

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