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Loveland is said to be so charismatic

Posted on: January 13, 2016


Violent winds though widespread in the air

The lamp is yet restoring its flame in the air;

It’s either meeting or getting ruined in love

I have thus sheltered moments of my grief;

There’s ecstasy and love all around, in the air

Who’s flying her lively apparel in the air?

The enjoyable days not assured to prolong

As it’s never temperance at least in love;

A flower has blossomed in budding spring

As if you’ve placed thy cheek on the palm;

May it be our friends, beloved or divinity!

All make false promises to us, the innocent;

 Loveland is said to be so charismatic Faraz

Who started this malice of meet and detach;

Ahmad Faraz

Agarche zor hawaaon ne daal rakha hai,
Magar charaagh ne lau ko sambhaal rakha hai,

Mohabton main to milna hai ya ujad jaana,
Mizaaj-e-ishq main kab etidaal rakha hai,

Bhale dinon ka bharosa hi kya rahen na rahe,
So maine rishta-e-gham ko bahaal rakha hai,

Bhari bahaar main ik shaakh pr khilaa hai gulaab,
Ke jaise tu ne hatheli pe gaal rakha hai,

Faraz ishq ki duniya to khuubsurat thi,
Yeh kis ne fitna e hijr o visaal rakha hai.

2 Responses to "Loveland is said to be so charismatic"

Beautiful poetry.

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peace and blessings Brother Nico 🙂

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