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O’ Lord of the lords, have mercy on us

Posted on: December 22, 2015


Violent winds blow in butterflies’ land

Pain and sham prevail in fireflies’ land

 Why this anguish around In Shah Hussein

Mian Muhammad Bux, Bulla Shah, Sachhal,

 Haq Bahu, Rehman Baba, Khush Haal khan’s land

 And in Heer and Raanjha’s land

 Sufi, saints, philosopher and Dervish’s land

Why chaos every instant in silk, gems’ land

Why agony in fragrant melodic vibrant land

Why brutal, tyrant, vile, selfish rule the land

 Why natives die of fright, plight in their land

 Why at all devastate bountiful pious land

Why National hero Quaid e Millat disgraced

Why poet of the East Allama Iqbal disgraced

Why life down and in danger in pious land

Vultures, ghosts, wicked, cruel spoil the land

Doves, nightingale quiet! Birds chant no more

 Why flash, flare, in faithful martyrs’ land

 Who are these merciless suicide bombers?

Who are these heartless unwise preachers?

Killing innocent people in this worthy land

 Why lawlessness prevails all over around

Why lanes, towns, homes, lives not sound

O’ Allah, O’ the Merciful, why treachery

We are ignorant of this brutal treachery

O’ Lord of the lords, have mercy on us

 Do away with brutality–enlighten us-


5 Responses to "O’ Lord of the lords, have mercy on us"

Aameen. It is a beautiful poem with a great message of peace and love !

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[…] O’ Lord of the lords, have mercy on us […]

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If Allah is always on your mind,Imaan will always be in your heart

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