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Posted on: December 14, 2015


They enter the heart feverishly

Never bothering it pointlessly

Meeting is bliss yet not eternally

A lunatic is lost in astonishment

He can’t splinter the attachment

I believe observing my lonely heart

Those arid deserts have no habitat

Why are you now afraid of me now?

When I have no fierce red eyes now

Everyone not lucky having art to craft

Like all oysters have no pearls at all

Love has no choice but to adore beauty

If no flower; there’ll be not a butterfly

A house is worse than a mere grave

If no daughter in a house to beautify


15 Responses to "Daughters"

Daughters are ther greatest gift a man can receive. Loved your post.

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very true, they are born mothers, loving caring just like mothers do

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I have one of my own. She is 21 and she is still my little baby.

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who ever has a daughter is especially blessed:) I have two daughters and both of them take care of me as if they are my mother:) I also love to be pampered and loved like a child 🙂 its such an immense pleasure and blessings honestly. May all daughters in the world are blessed with health, long loved prosperous life, amen

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Excellent post! Daughters are really the greatest gift the parents receive. 🙂

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yeah you daughters are treasure ❤


Yeah agree with you. I am recently blessed with a daughter and now can completely understand daughter’s importance 🙂

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may you be blessed ameen


Aww-w! I have two daughters and am blessed with a son in the middle. He is a sweetheart, too. 🙂 Hugs, Robin

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yea you are right sons and daughters are precious adorable gifts from God


Beautiful poem dear. So true. Daughters become friend when they grow up.


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