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Premios Dardos Award

Posted on: October 7, 2015


Premios Dardos = Prize Darts
This means to me, gifts for those who involve many facets in their writing including arts, music, writing, photography and international elements.

Here is a list of recent blogging friends. I try not to repeat people since only 10 will be on my list.


I appreciate all of my friends who read, stop by or follow and encourage me.  Their comments boost my moral for which I am humbly very grateful.

I nominate my worthy kind and wise blogger friends:

  1. http://lafayetteangel.com/ 2015/10/07/my-article-read-10-6-2015/, who is creative and artistic,
    Uses her imagination as a shared  blessing.
    Lyn, who writes of her world experiences, family of 9 children and shares delicious recipes at:
  2. Nicodemas http://nicodemasplusthree.wordpress.com/ his imagination is superb. One gest engrossed in his stories. He is a very kind and humane soul
  3. Tejaswi, who has been sharing stories of his sick, older cat and darling daughter who he wishes time to stand still on. So nice to hear this male perspective, sometimes quite irreverent but always kind:
  4. Maria F.  https://tropicalfloweringzone.wordpress.com/ she provides very enriching and productive information about plants and flowers
  5. http://accidentallyinked.wordpress.com / http://derrickjknight.com
  6. http://peaceloveanunity.wordpress.com/ http: //peaceloveanunity.wordpress.com/
  7. Khansana1000 my journey with Hijab http://fromadaydreamersdiary.wordpress.com/
  8. Sue vincent Daily Echo http://scvincent.wordpress.com/

9.http://angelartstar.wordpress.com/ http://33580laborde.wordpress.com

  1. Lumar1298. let there be peace on earth http://lumar1298.wordpress.com/

Thank you reocochran Robin http://witlessdatingafterfifty.wordpress.com/  for choosing me to receive this.
Sincere appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to those “new” Ten bloggers I passed on nominations.

kindly     forgive me if you find anything silly here as i am trying to learn how to nominate. Every one I nominate is very dear and respectable to me and for me, wish all of you peace and blessings

Here are the rules:

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Please tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

Here are the questions:

Why did you get into blogging?

14 Responses to "Premios Dardos Award"

Firstly CONGRATZ to you. 😀
Seondly thank you so much for this. I will make a post on Saturday In sha Allah. (:

Oh btw nice question. 😉

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thank you 🙂 i feel elated

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Thank you so much for the nomination! and mentioning my blog, I will do it soon! 🙂 and congratulation for being nominated!

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Thanks a lot, my pleasure

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[…] huge THANK YOU to Miss Tanveer Rauf for this award.Her blog talks about anything and everything,from Poetry to articles on Humanity […]

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i’m honored with your generous comments, thanks a million, peace and blessings to you


Dear Tanveer, Thank you for this beautiful example of how to present award nominatioms so generously. I think you named a few I also enjoy Tejaswi, Lyn, Derrick and Natalie Scarberry. Lovely list and a fine recognition of some caring fellow bloggers. Thank you for listing my own name. You deserved this, Tanveer. Hugs, Robin

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Thank you very much dear, i did send to some of the friends you sent to,
love you for nominating and enriching me >3

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my pleasure, thanks a lot dear one

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