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Flute’s harmony (contd)

Posted on: October 5, 2015


Flute’s harmony in night’s alluring solitude ambiance

Waving its veil over the moonlight enhancing romance

The harmonious echoes vibrating near the mountains

Spreading over the meadows, and on tracks winding

Upcoming as memory of a beloved tap heart lovingly

Tickling the deeply weighed down eye lids cautiously

Song of the earth chanted in the skies

Moon’s face dappled with dust of lament

Even the dust particles dance with delight

The damsel kept aside her tambourine

The cluster of stars weakened their light

Galaxy gazed at universe in awry fright

There’s sweet melody in the ambiance

As if the poet has exclusive inspiration

Like first ray of the sun on beloved’s face

Like beloved’s loving hugs and embrace

At times stops at times stabs the silence

The scream lessens slowly in ambiance

Like a caravan descending in the plains

In shadowy sunset from the mountains

8 Responses to "Flute’s harmony (contd)"

I put your name on a post with Premios Dardos award nominations, only 10 given this “honor.” Tanveer, hope you may have guests visit from this nomination. 🙂

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Thank you so very much, i’m humbled and honored and enriched with your generosity. love and regards ❤


Wow, this was so transcendent !

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thank you dear one, your words are appreciated


Tanveer, I really liked how you showed the beauty in nature and music in this second part if the Flute’s Harmony. I especially like how you mentioned the ” dust particles dance in delight.” Lovely and poetic post, so wonderful to read once again. Your friend, Robin

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my dear your beautiful comments made my day<3 thank you, love, peace and blessings to you dear one


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