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The rains sprays, breeze scented with floral blossoms,

Posted on: August 31, 2015


Should I see you, think of you, or simply write about you?

I just can’t think of what to write concerning you,

Do I write the effect your heart has through my eyes,

Or a poem, a sonnet, or a melodic song,

The rains sprays, breeze scented with floral blossoms,

The atmosphere allures if I write words for you,

Lightning and thunder rumble all over the clouds,

Should I write about thunder, lightning and dark clouds?

If you raise your eyes, my delight rises, Anwar

If you unfasten your hair, I’ll write about the black clouds

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15 Responses to "The rains sprays, breeze scented with floral blossoms,"

Lovely words.

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hugs , peace and blessings my dear

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Just wonderful. I love this!

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I am overwhelmed Tanveer Rauf by your translation of my ghazal—-Stay blessed

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I’m humbled, thank you Zahidi sahib


Wonderfully written 🙂

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Thank you Darshith, your words are much appreciated, I’m humbles, thank you again 🙂

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You’re welcome Tanveer 🙂 Hope you are in sound health 🙂

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a delicate, delicious sonnet and a picture really appropriate! i like very much this post

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Thank you so much dear Rosa for your kind generous comments. Peace and blessings to you

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Beautiful poem, wonderfully translated.

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Wonderful poem, I so love it.

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[…] The rains sprays, breeze scented with floral blossoms, […]

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Thank you so much for sharing such delightful, poetic, and awe-inspiring words! 🙂

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I’m humbled, thank you, peace and blessings to you, your words are so enriching ❤


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