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Posted on: August 26, 2015

girl n water

That one word that came out of your lips

In response to my put forward question

That word removed all—–

My queries, thy replies

Scattered all dreams and all hopes

You replied “No” in response to

“Yes” In someone else’s thoughts

As “no” is another way of say “yes”

Your denial and my steadiness

Our harmony!

All shades of discovery,

The word “no” has changed

My perception my persona

It has trapped me, making me

Into nothingness

I’m nobody now

10 Responses to "“NO—-”"

I think it’s wonderful, perfect ❤

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dear and divine Tanveer …… one minus one is zero once zero always zero even after applying all mathematical equations …… nothingness or zero is pure bliss so why fear to be no body ….. it makes you everybody ….. beautiful poem ….. your blog is inspiring …… love all.

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Thank you Ram, you are so thoughtful and positive, God bless you with more wisdom and peace amen

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Very thoughtful and thought provoking.


There’s a reason kids have to go see Star Wars seventeen times. To them it carries a message they need to hear again and again. And there are some things I need to hear again and again. Thank you for sharing, Scilla.

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