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Beautiful and divine like you

Posted on: August 24, 2015


Neither heart is in control or the will

The eyes drowning in blood as

The beloved is not in my arms

I changed to dust in her disjointing

Pounding my heart, I wept copiously

Pieces of my heart shed in tears

Why ask me to control my heart

My heart is not with me friends

It is stuck in one’s hair lock

When heart’s heat inflamed

The tongue became so dry

That palate got scratchy

Her eye lashes stabbing heart

Shaved brows like naked swords

Both of the eyes are spellbinding

Watch your personal ornaments

I wear Iron collar and iron chains

Strength is in her arms

Eyelashes sped such an arrow

Piercing heart came out forth

Scorpion lacks such toxic sting

For thou my dearly loved

We wander in the scorching sun

Feet burn in blazing dust

Roamed from garden to garden

But failed to find anywhere

Beautiful and divine like you

I worship and adore loveliness

Who cares of religion or nation?

We are neither Muslim nor Hindu

You better keep silent Aasi

Listen quietly to, what she says

Debate will begin if talk starts


13 Responses to "Beautiful and divine like you"

Beautiful poem 🙂
What language was it in originally ?

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originally it was in Urdu 🙂 thank you so much for liking it 🙂

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it was composed by a very religious and spiritual scholar Hazrat Aasi Ghazipuri

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This is really deep, Tanveer. I read it several times and as I did my Heart and breath stilled. Thank you. Love, Amy ❤

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i’m humbled and pleased to know that i translated it not perfectly but at least effective, thank you again,love ❤


Nicely done. You have a beautiful blog. Be well.

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thank you i’m humbled, blessings and peace to you

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This is a beautiful poem!

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does it need any change brother?

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I was only reading for the beauty of it, but I will take a look. I’m sure it is fine. Peace.

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[…] Beautiful and divine like you […]

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