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My very dear friends

Posted on: August 23, 2015


I did not write about polygamy to offend anyone or brainwash or misguide or impose anything.

I was reading about it and i know it also, so just felt like sharing with you. As we are now addicted to write—– to write anything—-but write——- so   penned that.

We see, read watch and come across so many things we don’t believe in so my writing is just to read and ignore if you don’t like 🙂

I have visited all religious worship places of different religions respectfully except synagogue, not for any other reason but because I didn’t get a chance to. I visited with the people who were either Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims. Every religion preaches to be kind, caring sharing and tolerant. So friends if my words  hurt anyone I humbly ask you to forgive me

I love everyone everything that is created by the Lord of the universe

Wish you peace, light and blessings ❤

19 Responses to "My very dear friends"

I am not hurt at all but think that, in this matter, you are misguided.

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not misguided dear one. I am a widow for last 30 years and did not remarry to raise my four children myself. As i said we dont have to practice everything we read 🙂


I don’t feel hurted, dear friend. In Italy polygamy is a crime, punishable by imprisonment from 1 to 5 years…
Bisous ❤

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I understand, there are customs, rules, cultures and beliefs that differ from others. stay blessed my dear

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I agree. Here, in Italy, we say that the world is beautiful because it is varied 😀 I wish you a very good day!! ❤

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Thank you, wish you all the joys dear friend

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Sister Tanveer, I doubt if you have offended anyone personally. There is strong disagreement on this topic. I have seen your writings on a large number of issues and do believe you are a caring and faithful person. Let people agree or not agree it is up to them. Be at peace. You are a Muslim person and should feel free to share about your faith and different topics. It is your blog. I will continue to read and be a part of your blog, because I think it is very interesting. As I said yesterday thank you for having the courage to write about a difficult topic.

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Thank you brother. I could not sleep peacefully last night. Though I did not criticize any one. I just shared. Thank you once again for being there. Love, peace and warm regards

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Many Salaams to you.

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I was not hurt or offended by it. I don’t believe in polygamy but I did find it educational as to why Muslims allow it.

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let’s not debate on it. leave it Muslims. read it again with open mind and if it doesn’t make any sense ignore it
peace and blessings

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I wasn’t trying to debate the issue. Sorry if it seemed that way.

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Don’t worry please, it didn’t seem that way but I said because its very sensitive topic and if we talk more on this it might displease some one. Though as a Muslim i believe its good for women.

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There is no offence or misguidance at all. We women ignore all the basic rights of women like men. Men use polygamy issue as their Islamic right which is not for their leisure or lawful lust. It is only to give protection to those women who dont have any protector. Plus women rights are more guarded in Islam than any religion. It is mentioned in Quran that you can marry in 2s, 3s or 4s but if you cant do justice marry just once. Cant you all open your hearts to give permission to your husbands to protect a miserable wiman.
As for the west the men dont marry but have extra marital relationships. Is it acceptable???
Ma’am I am reallydisappointed by this excuse which is against the religion & its basic understanding.

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Thank you Dr.Shafaq for elaborating and explaining so vividly. It is for Muslim men and women not for non.Muslims so it should not taken as offence please


Thanks Ma’am for understanding as when I posted such a matter on Facebook I also faced too much of opposition. But when it comes to Islam then no excuse so I stuck to my stance & still do.

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bravo >3 what more one say to respect you more that you, yourself are ready to let your husband marry another girl without any ill feeling. God bless you


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