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Shafaq the Twilight (part 2)

Posted on: June 30, 2015


 I don’t show myself at my work. I remain hidden so that people don’t recognize me. I never gave anything to anyone myself but through the doctors or the nurses. My GP wanted me to Visit the Civil hospital so that people know me but I choose to remain hidden.

Those who are new to this page…… To all those who are new to this page there is information on what we do & what we are aimed at…….. Do inform people about this page as someone might get help through you…….. This page is dedicated to serve & guide the family members of patients having Alzheimer & Dementia. How to cope up with them at home? Not professionally but as a family. Though I am a Sonologist, by study & have a deep insight of Medicine but this was quite different for me. What I myself learnt over the years dealing with patients at home, that every patient is different from the other, has different ways to deal with & different reactions. But Gender has nothing to do with it. So while I was helping from my own personal id, we thought to have a page so that more people can access it. Please invite friends to like my page as it is purely to serve humanity. In the Subcontinent there is a need of awareness. Don’t take things as in old age everyone goes crazy…….Wrong attitude. This is a Psychological disorder & mostly Genetic. Help is needed…… Plus as the professional help is too expensive so either such families leave their patients, who need their family the most in this phase in Pakistan, The Old Homes, which are nothing like those in the West. But more like the places which are the so called mad houses. Those parents or any uncles & aunts you see having this problem, I request you to handle them with care. You might end up like this when you get old. Remember, what goes around turns around too. Help your elders now, maybe your young ones take you as an example & take good care of you when you are old…… Psychological disorders are not madness at all. They can be dealt with, if only we have a soft heart or, some patience especially for those who cannot afford private nursing. So there are always things we can do ourselves.

Just ask & we will help you out & guide you to our best abilities. Feel free to take guidance as it is free. May Allah Help all

This added work I do. I provide money for the patients admitted & Medicine for one week after they get discharged. I get the scans done from NMI as they charge less from the poor patients of My GP Dr. Adil Faraz

You won’t find any pictures of mine doing any of this work as I am anonymous to those whom I help.

I am at home most of the time. But when the other day a dead body was not getting released for mere 500 rupees instead of asking someone to collect money from home I went to the hospital. I banged the head of the administrator. Still the family did not know that I paid the money. I choose to do it that way. I don’t want to disclose my identity to those I help as I am usually present at the hospital & don’t want people to touch my feet as once someone did or act as if I am a saint or something. Hope you understand.

Even the person you sent me did not see me as I sent the money through my maid as my son was not present.

My BP remains extremely low & I have a dumping syndrome. My random blood sugar remains low & with time both getting lower. My neuro physician has told me try not to get unconscious as I might end up in a coma from which chances of revival are less. So live my life busy & full as when the time comes. Plus I do take care of myself as my doctor advice me. Migraines are my biggest menace but trying to overcome that too as I have learnt to live with my medical condition.

In the hospital even in my presence I never permit anyone to disclose the identity of who helped.

God bless this angel in disguise—-ameen

22 Responses to "Shafaq the Twilight (part 2)"

What a splendid person.

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What a beautiful post. May God bless this person and reward them.

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A beautiful and humbling post and such heartfelt loving and compassionate help. The work of an angel. My Mother had Alzheimer’s and my daughter is now doing research into it with UCL, London. May Allah/ God give you strength in your selfless work and health to your own body. My prayers are with you…Peace and Blessings be yours. What a lovely photo…

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Thank you, may evil, illness and unkindness is lessened with people like Shafaq your daughter and so many others

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I quite agree. They are blessed people who hold this world together…without them it would fall apart! 🙂

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Thank you for appreciating me.

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you deserve it my dear. as we backbite and spread rumors so do we spread goodness and kind deeds of other humane humans like you too.


The world needs more like Shafaq.

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very true, I wish I develop some of her good habits

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Sometimes it takes stepping out in small steps to build up to bigger steps in doing good deeds. Sometimes a big step can be just to hug and let someone cry on your shoulder, :). I am working on it too, :).

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congratulation for treading on the true path of life, may you find no obstacles in the difficult way of life amen—– hugs and love ❤

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[…] Shafaq the Twilight (part 2) […]

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i wish i could be just like her , so humbled ,so kind but a fighter for others n a v.strong person

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everyone can——-just a little patience, intention and will power needed 🙂 she is exemplary


I am just a simple human being doing what is to be done for humanity as is taught by our Religion.

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you are the beacon of light dear one ❤


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