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Eunuchs always instigated me to know the truth, the facts about them. They always seemed to me, a weird and out of the world creation of almighty.  I remember that from childhood I was told to keep away from them. They were considered perilous beings. I saw those dancing singing clapping ogling making vulgar actions in functions to entertain guests and onlookers in public places. Their body language, funky gaudy stinky dresses, bold makeup, walking and talking style was much uncivilized.  Their appearance and behavior never make me dislike but initiated interest to know about the true face behind the made up one. I often returned their smiles secretly. I knew my elders would never appreciate it.

To speak truth, seek truth and write truth is my learning teaching and practice.

While going through an Urdu novel, about eunuchs, I learnt a lot about eunuchs. The writer has written it beautifully collecting details as much as she could about eunuchs. She wrote that she talked to them whenever got a chance.

I wanted firsthand knowledge myself so I made friends with a eunuch. I asked him/her to share her life with me.  I invited her to my home. We had nice detailed chat on a cup of tea and with some snacks too. She told me that she’s a born eunuch. She seemed a very cool human being, talked to me nicely in a sophisticated manner.  I noticed that she has very smooth clear skin just like other girls. She doesn’t shave like other eunuchs I have seen on the roads, bus-stops and in markets begging and creating a scene. She showed me her legs and arms. They were fair, very clean, smooth and hairless.

She also had gone for pilgrimage to Makkah to perform Umrah with a group. She’s planning to go again.

She’s a very pious soul. I wanted to be very sure if what she says is truth or not. Hence I asked her to recite holy verses from Holy Quran, which she did. She said she studied up to grade five only.  “Why did you leave school then?” She said that one day while she danced at wedding ceremony some eunuchs were also there. They observed her movements closely. Then they took her to their Guru secretly where she was formally registered as member of their community. She was advised by their Guru not to share with her parents or anyone else. Hence Reema (her name) didn’t let her parents know about it.

I asked her; “How did the eunuchs realize that you are one of them?”

Reema; “The way I behaved in family functions and in public.”

“Dancing ogling and all these actions and body language is taught?”

Reema said; “No, it’s natural. I had three sisters before I was born. We lived in Sakkur Sind. My father worked as a peon. We lived a poor life. Three brothers were born after me. I was misfit in the family having bizarre behavior and movements”

“How and when did you come to Karachi?” I asked

“I came with eunuchs without informing my parents. In Karachi I became CHELA of new Guru”

“What is Chela?” I asked smiling at her. “Chela is like a student, a follower”

“Tell me something interesting” I asked her to cheer up her mood.

She smiling and shyly said; “I fell in love with a young man.”  “Oh really?” I was inquisitive to know more so asked her to carry on with her love story.

“He also loved me. We lived for ten long years together. Then his parents got him married to a girl. The bride’s people invited me to dance and entertain their guests. They didn’t know that the groom was my beloved. I danced wearing smile on my face while my broken heart shed tears of blood. No one knew how deeply hurt I was. But eunuchs are born to weep unseen, unheard but to spread happiness around

The next day after spending the night with his bride he asked me to discontinue relationship with him.  He didn’t want to spoil his married life. His words stabbed me so brutally that I went without a word but got ill for many months.” Reema showed me his name tattooed on her left side of her chest. She said; “It’s been three years now that he’s married” she wept nonstop missing him. She complained as to why she and other eunuchs are born incomplete. No one loves them. They are to be enjoyed and ridiculed. She said; “We are as human as you all are. We have same emotions as you have. We feel the pain, cold, hot, sweet, sour, hunger, and thirst. Only a part of our body is missing. Is it our fault?”  I have all sympathy with them.

I asked her; “Do you live with your parents?” she replied; “No, my brothers’ wives don’t like me to stay with them. My father died. I take care of my mother’s needs. I got her treated in hospital and bore all expenses” ‘That’s very great of you Reema dear. Where do you live now? What’s your source of income?” she proudly said; “I live in one rented room all by self. I work hard (begging) to earn my bread and butter. I don’t cheat or rob. I fear God”

She lives in one room alone. She looks after her mother who lives with her brothers.

If the eunuch is more inclined towards the male sex in his habits, he will be treated like a male; and if the eunuch is more inclined towards the female sex in his habits, he will be treated like a female.

But there are some eunuchs, whereby it becomes difficult to ascertain whether they are male or female.  The Messenger of Allah (saws) advised the woman in Islam to observe ‘purdah’ from these eunuchs, and they will neither pray with the men or the women.    In the times of the Prophet (saws),  the way the congregational prayers were held were that the men used to pray in the front,  then the children in the back and then the women behind the children.  For the eunuchs when it is difficult to ascertain whether they are male or female, they were commanded to  pray neither with the men nor the women,  but a different ‘saff’ or line will be formed behind and separate from the men in the mosque.

Thus eunuchs are a phenomena of nature, just like the Creator creates some people with a deformity or handicap as a test, to see how they treat others and how others treat them.  If the Lord Willed, He could have created one amongst us with a deformity; thus those who are born with what we call ‘normal’ must be grateful to the Lord, and treat those with deformity with compassion and kindness, not ridicule and scorn.   Other than possessing both the sexual organs of the male and the female, the eunuchs have perfect sense of right and wrong, sin and virtue, guidance and misguidance, etc.; and thus they will have a full accounting just like all the other human beings in the Court of Allah Subhanah on the Day of Judgment.

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