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Practicing muslimah

Though I am a born mulimah but not a good practicing one. I believe in moral science that is whats good or whats bad or you can say DOS and DONTS. And I follow them to the best of my ability and capacity. I don’t hurt any one by my word, steps or anything as much as I ca. anger is such a burning power that at times we forget not hurt others by words or deeds but I can control bad deeds but at times fail to control words. I avoid to the maximum to tell lies as my father (may Allah bles him) gave me advise that to speak the truth is the easiest while telling lies and remembering it is next to impossible so I religiously act upon his advise and found it very fruitful religion wise and otherwise both. I am proud to be a humble muslimah and pray Almighty to guide me to follow the true upright path and be helpful to one and all regardless of and any difference of color cast religion or anything

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i loved the idea and did it honestly,

i nominate five great bloggers

1Paul Militaru—– i respect him and his work and hes the one who responds to my new blog the moment I post it

2. Nicodemas plusthree  his pure and spiritual love for the humanity is commendable

3. The Indian Reverted Muslimah. She is very honest and pure soul

4.bert001 he is always there to encourage

5.http://susanpoozan.wordpress.com/ respect her for believing in me


God is bountiful and feels unhappy if He has to refuse to grant a wish.

He feels embarrassed when a man holds out both his hands before Him,

and He has to disappoint him by turning him away empty handed

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