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Good bye Dubai

Posted on: April 17, 2015

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I experienced different moods of Dubai like; The sand storm,  the drizzle, the dense fog, the heat, the cleanliness, the fashion, International brands, different cultures, the movies, the cruise, the dancing fountains, the global village, the security, the excellent management, tasted food, fruits and veggies of different countries. I enjoyed everything to the fullest but the gift I brought from there is painful and will take time to make me forget it J I got flu and chest congestion so much so that I had to cut short my visit and came back home. Not back home but straight to the family doctor from the airport. All through night I coughed with fever and body pain. I smile to myself when I hear my own husky sexy voice J I got so much love and care from my niece and daughter and their families. They did whatever they could to soothe my pain. I was treated like a princess or to say queen is better because of my ageJ I got so many precious gifts from them. To be honest it’s all part of adventure!

 I’m honored to have met my dear sister in law, my nephews and their families after 15 long years. They spent thousands of dollars just to meet me. I’m humbly grateful. I learnt that love is supreme and most powerful!

15 Responses to "Good bye Dubai"

Great life experiences last forever, they enter our hearts and travel through our bodies for a lifetime.

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Get well soon while treasuring your memories forever. Blessings to you.


Well written!! May Allah give you full shifaa, admen.

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thank you Sadaf darling


It looks like you had a memorable visit. Happy weekend my friend~

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Thank you and wish you very same Cindy with love ❤


I am glad that you had such a great time with so many of your extended family despite it making you so ill. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Thank you so much—it hurts less when someone cares:) thank you for the care—-love and peace


My dear aunty, didn’t realize from ur FB status that u r so unwell. Hope u r feeling better now. Please take care of urself. Lots of love and prayers for you

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Thank you my dear Fariha. Grateful to Allah for having such a beautiful wise and caring daughter like you. peace, love and bright blessings to you ❤


sad to know you got ill during the journey you were enjoying. 😦

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thank you for the concern


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