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Fear of punishment or what——

Posted on: March 29, 2015


I landed Dubai on 20th March 2015. my daughter Nadia is here with her husband and son and so is my dearest daughter like niece Erum, who is very dear and close to my heart.  I’m so lucky to have them. everyday we went out to different malls, watched movies did window shopping and had fun This is my second visit to Dubai. I like the peaceful safe and secure Dubai. its very clean, well organized and developing everyday. May it grow more to provide opportunities to unemployed.

one evening we went to Mall of Emirates. after some window shopping and enjoying we went to food court. I love to watch people of all races, religion, region and color beautifully casually or formally dressed going here and there least bothering what others do. Sitting in food court and enjoying Thai food i enjoyed every moment there. after finishing i got up forgetting my cell phone to pick up from the table. While going back home i remembered that i had no cell phone with me. We had reached quite far from the mall and it was  late too so my son in law called on my cell number. Someone picked up and assured him that its safe with HR and can be got anytime. I was surprised and doubtful at the same time.

Next day we went and got it! I wonder whether it’s fear of punishment that no one took it. people of all nature but no one dares to steal———–

I’m very thankful for the security system that i got my dear cell phone. I’m not friends with smart phones so I love my old simple cell 🙂

Thank you Dubai

The reason for coming to Dubai this time is to meet my dear and great lady, my sister in law, her two sons with their families.w’ll be seeing each other after 15 long years. I feel humbly proud to acknowledge that they are just coming to see me.

17 Responses to "Fear of punishment or what——"

Enjoy your stay. . Love you

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Thank you my dear, hugs for you ❤


There are still honest people in this world, give the finder of your phone credit for that.

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thank you for dropping by and reading it and for the good advice too but we don’t know who gave to the HR department. so to pay tribute and thanks to Dubai administration i acknowledged by writing this blog. blessings and peace for you


What a wonderful article Tanveer! Blessings to you!

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Thank you dear Nicodemas for understanding the depth of it < 3 and blessings with peace


Don’t you just love Dubai?!

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not love Dubai only but every place where goodness, kindness brotherhood and truthfulness is there 🙂 I love all that’s created by the Almighty:) love you < 3


Enjoy your trip. Hope you had a sound journey ! 🙂
Be safe, Love,
Zee ❤

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Thank you dear one ❤
< 3

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Enjoy your stay, but post some pictures so we can all enjoy what it has to offer…

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i’m so happy thank you, we had great fun . i will share pics with you all my dear blogger family—— loads of love


I’m happy you had a lovely time. Like you, I’m attached to my old cell phone.

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Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind remarks:) peace, love and blessings to you

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