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Child Prayingf20a9cc1673ecd371c4308b84d18ed0eimagespraying-muslim-children8465519390_6fdb7819cc_baWkvJx1cat prayering

When we pray,

Allah hears more than we say,

answers with more than we ask,

and gives more than we imagine,

in His own time and in His own way

 large (1)

Every instant gives me pain

Life is an unfruitful arid region

Desires have never been fulfilled

The roads are flooded

Your persona is sweet-smelling

It’s similar to blossoming roses

The beauty in thy face is similar to

The divine beauty of a righteous book

Your voice and your way of talking

Are melodious like, a playing violin

Solitude is as serene as if reunion

Is going through testing and trying

Your body is like a charismatic fairyland

It’s similar to a child’s lovable dream

Earlier it was a simple query but now

It is a complicated explanation


If we remove the first letter ‘T’ from terrorist then remains ‘error’

Error represents, mistake, fear, fault, blunder, slip, miscalculation and terror means almost the same, fright, shock, dread, alarm, panic

Hence a terrorist the end result of all synonyms mentioned above.

Why does anyone become a terrorist????????

The deprived, neglected, unprivileged, discarded, disowned, hungry, addicted absolute meager people uneducated when fail to feed their children and life becomes unbearable they turn to criminal acts. When degree holders fail to get jobs and go home with shattered dreams and chapped lips and burning desire of food they turn to it

When children kidnapped for ransom and brutally handled and forced to be paid a big amount to their dying ill mother or dying hungry family they become suicide bombers. A child is born innocent. No matter which family, religion color or cast he belongs too—– so it’s unkind and hurting to point out blaming any religion or anyone a terrorist. Satan has no religion———-all these wrong doers are not human beings either– —they will be severely punished by the Creator

Do not break heart or insult anyone I beg. If I’m not a terrorist I may be a victim of it. And one thing more I would like to say. Only the poor hungry deprived are not terrorists—–they are being used by the rich and top notches, sitting on the throne and abusing them for their own purposes

I pity the wrong doers. What situation they may be to risk their life to kill so many

They also have families, mother, children, loving wife, and sincere sister caring brother, their pet animals, their hobbies their favorite music, places and all pleases every common man

I wish they are guided they are loved, they are respected to respect and care for their fellow beings to cherish life

There is hence some ERROR  that makes terrorist

I don’t know but I have sympathy for the killed and the killers. I look down while walking so I may not step on an ant—-how can one risk his life and kill others———- O’ Lord of the lords, please forgive us and protect us—–ameen amen ameen

Slaves 3278553(1)

Islam believes in equality among all people and declares that man is an independent and free creature. Islam eliminated slavery gradually as Islam believes in a gradual change in every important matter. The Quran affirms that God has bestowed upon man the dignity and honor by blessing him with best characteristics and placed him above many of his creations:

Islam declares all men as equals and believes the division of nations and tribes to be for the mutual identification of one another. The one who obeys God is superior to others:

“Mankind, we have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you might get to know one another. The noblest of you in Allah’s sight is the most righteous of you”. (Al-Hujurat 49:113)

As a first order in this regard, the Quran forbade to transform prisoners of wars into slaves. The slavery was uprooted through the law that the Muslims would either just receive ransom (fidya) from the prisoners of war or would free them to please God if ever they overpowered the enemy completely. This verse was revealed even before the first battle was fought at the state of Madina.

“As for those of your slaves who wish for a deed of freedom free them if you find in them any promise and (the state should) bestow on them a part of the riches which Allah has given you”. (Al-Nur 24:33)

After this revelation only those old men and women did not get freedom that were well set in the houses of their masters and used to live as members of their families. With this the Holy Prophet ordered to abolish the rule that the son or the daughter of a slave would continue to be a slave rather it was decreed that the offspring of a slave would be deemed to be free automatically.

This is how Islam abolished slavery and ended its prospects forever

“Would that you know what the elevation is! It is the freeing of a bondsman”. (Al-Balad 90:13)

Hazrat Bilal is one of the best example of how slaves respected and upgraded. he was freed from slavery and given great regard so much so that he was the first to call for azaan—-(the call to pray) He was given this status because of his righteousness and steadfastness. All elite Arabs prayed behind him, who had been a slave for years

I request humbly and sincerely to guide me if I’m misunderstood or missing anything. I’m not a religious scholar but just felt to bring out and clear  the misconception


 Being a humble Muslim I feel my duty to clarify to the best of my knowledge, the confusion and misconception about Islam in other religions and societies.

I am not very religious or a practicing Muslim or scholar. Neither have I had much knowledge.  I apologize before I start to forgive me if any word offends anyone or if I’m misunderstood——

Islam is a religion of peace, nature and natural instinct so does not deny any natural requirement. Hence all Fine Arts are originally applicable in Islam. All that gives beauty, amusement and delight to human life are acceptable.

The Quran says;

“Say; ‘who has forbidden you to wear the nice clothes or to eat the good things which Allah bestowed upon his servants?” ‘SAY; “these are for the faithful in the life of this world, (though shared by others)” but they shall be theirs alone on the Day of Resurrection…Thus We plain Our revelations to men of understanding”

(Al-A’raf 7: 32)

There are just two limitations:

First, there should not be violation of any religious order. For instance there should be no idolatry and vulgarity reflected through their art work in any form

Second, everything must be in moderation. It is not approved by Islam, for a person to be so much engrossed in some of the fine arts as to ignore his family, his social duties and even God.

It is but baseless assumption to assume that image of any living thing is forbidden in Islam. In fact every image drawn by hand, shot by the camera or used for cinema or television is permissible if not reflecting idolatry and gibbering obscenity.

Since the Quran is the justice for us, and the basis for everything valid or invalid is laid down here, it would have been clearly mentioned if illustration is prohibited

Note: Family planning and Slavery is to come soon J

abu hanifah

Once few women came to Hazrat Abu Hanifa and asked him. “Why is it that a Muslim man is allowed to keep four wives at the same time but a woman can’t?”

Imam Abu Hanifa whose name is Nauman and his father’s name was Sabit. Abu Hanifa is known to be a very pious spiritual scholarly preacher. His teachings are followed by millions of Muslims around the world. He has the honor and privilege of seeing many sahabas (friends of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) like, Hazrat Anus bin Malik, Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah bin Abi Aufi , Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq, Fazeel bin Ayaz.  May Allah be pleased with them, amen

His few and famous learned students are, Abraham bin Adham, Daud Tai Bashar Hani etc.

Abu Hanifa could not give the answer to the women right away so asked for some time to answer. He was disturbed and confused when he went home. His daughter Hanifa was a wise and learned lady. She seeing her father tense asked him the reason. Her father shared with her. Hanifa asked her father that, “If you assure me to add my name with yours I’ll answer this question.” Father agreed. Hanifa Bibi asked him to send those women to her.

Next day the women came to her. Hanifa Bibi asked each one of them to bring some milk.

When they all brought milk, each one was asked to put milk in an empty bowl. All four women put their milk in the empty bowl. Hanifa Bibi then asked each one of them to take out their own milk she put from the bowl. They women said. “Bibi how can I take out my milk when it’s all mixed?” Bibi Hanifa then replied. “That’s the reason a woman is not allowed to have more than one husband at the same time. Because how will you identify whose child you carry in your stomach” the women were satisfied with the answer

Nauman bin Sabit then added his daughter’s name with his own as Abu Hanifa (father of Hanifa) now very few people know his real name as he is known Abu Hanifa throughout the world.

A sahabi ( friend of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) came to him and complained of of hunger and distress.Just then, Muhammad (p.b.u.h) had nothing in hand or in his home to feed him. He asked his friends if anyone would keep him ass a guest for the night on his (p.b.u.h) behalf. one of his friends agreed willingly to be  the guests host.

He then took that person to his home and instructed his wife; “Look here, this man is guest of Muhammad (p.b.u.h). We will entertain him as best as we can and wont spare anything in doing so” The wife replied; “By Allah! I have got no food in the house, except a very little——something just enough for the children.”

The Ansari or the host said: “You put the children to sleep without feeding them, while I sit with the guest over the small meal. When we start eating, put out the lamp pretending to set it right, so that the guest may not get aware of my not sharing the meal with him. He didn’t partake at all of the food, though his hands and jaws seemed and felt working all right”

This sacrifice  is true and sincere love for others

The scheme worked out as planned. The whole family slept hungry to enable the gust to eat his fill. It was this incident that Almighty revealed the ayah


meaning; They prefer others above themselves, even though poverty become their lot. Surah Al-Hashr ayah 9

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